Battle Rap Wednesdays: Fresco vs. Yung Ill

So apparently this was some long-awaited match-up and a lot of people are let down because it didn't live up to expectations.   And that's a shame too, since if you don't go into this expecting Lux vs. Hollow 2: Stand Up Niggas Still Don't Lean, I think it's a pretty decent match-up.

Fresco first caught my attention in that battle against Rone.  He's kind of nerdy and a bit of a pretty boy, but he owns up to that instead of trying to ignore it--that gives him the necessary authenticity to pull off the raps he spits.  I dunno what the fuck that whole throwing up twice in the first round was about, though.

Anyway, overall this battle is a pretty clean win.  Fresco 3-0, maybe 2-1 if you felt like the aforementioned "chokes" cost him the first.   Also, anyone saying Yung Ill won 3-0 is stanning something fierce--Ill either forgot half his second round or tried to freestyle to extend it.   Maybe he was jealous of how Clips won in their battle off that 3rd round freestyle or something, but he needs to let that "I'll go off the top" shit go.   KOTD crowds are mad respectful so they didn't boo the shit out of him, but I heard he tried that shit again versus Arsonal and well...   Listen.  Not everybody can freestyle--if you can write, just do that.  It's all written battles anyway.


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