Battle Rap Wednesdays: QP vs. Cadalack Ron

Posting a classic this week while I wait for some of the more recent battles to pop up.   Man, GrindTime had some of the best battles: the sound quality was always good, they had rappers from a wide variety of styles, and most importantly the battles were the perfect length--less than 30 minutes, ads and all.

Anyway.  QP and Cadalack Ron put on a hilarious show here, with some of QP's bars going *way* over the crowd's head so it leaves him looking a little weak in the crowd reaction, but if you catch them it makes the battle much fairer.

 Anyway, over the next few weeks the battles from Black Ice's The Crown event should drop, plus there are still the ones from The Vendetta coming at the end of the month.   Should be some crazy shit coming out of both.  


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