The Shuffle: Childish Gambino - Soul for Real Candy Rain Cover

From Bell Biv Divoe and Boyz II Men at the beginning, to Dru Hill and 112 at the end, to the countless solo artists and groups who could only manage one or two albums before falling off the map, the 90's belonged to R&B.   With music popularity at a height it's never seen again with the popularization of the music video and music video channels both national and local (who remembers The Box?), record producers were scrambling to get anyone with a voice into a video with whatever back-up dancers they could find at the local barbershop.   At least, that's how I'm guessing Soul For Real came about when they dropped their only #1 hit, Candy Rain, in 1994.

Candy Rain's always been one of my favorites, so when renaissance man Donald Glover did a cover of it for BBC's Zane Lowe it inspired me to kickstart a new column centered around new music I find.    Anyway, Glover absolutely kills this track, so give it a listen:

And here's the original, for good measure:


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