Bottom of the Pile: Feb. 5th, 2014

 And, another release this week because I'm actually focused.  Enjoy. 

Action Comics 28

"I can dig it."  Really, Lana?  Your friend was just referred to as a "slave", but "you can dig it".   This is terrible form, honestly.  Also, how come every matriarchy somehow manages to look even more shitty than our pre-existing patriarchal society?   Regardless of how advanced the technology, the men are always forbidden to speak or used as breeding stock and otherwise kept in cages and barely fed or some such silliness.   Considering it's usually us guys who write stories with such societies, I have to say--bad form, fellas.

All-New Invaders 2
I can't help but feel the last dialogue line on this page is a reference to something....  If only I could figure out what.   Also, a thank you to the editors for the next issue blurb, because that line was figuratively begging for a "That's what he said" reference.

Avengers A.I. 09
 Did it really take this long in the main universe for "Avengers Assemble" to become a code to create a giant, manga-esque robot?   We're slacking, comic industry.  (Granted, I'm almost certain the short-lived Marvel manga did this, so that's something.)

Black Widow 3

I'm still not sure why Noto decided on the "scratchy" artwork, but it seems to serve its purpose for this series. Anyway, though the signs of ScarJo's Black Widow from Avengers are still crystal clear, this issue gives us a Natasha that is simultaneously more cold-hearted and yet more compassionate than we've seen her thus far.  It's a beautiful one-shot by writer Nathan Edmonson.

Detective Comics 28
In the end, Gothtopia will be a lot like Bruce Wayne: Murderer.  Cool concept, but nobody remembers it because it didn't "do" anything.  Except, it did create some of the coolest Batman variant costumes I've seen in years.   Also, Cat-Bird is simultaneously one of the stupidest names and my most favorite concepts ever.   I want a series of Batman and Cat-Bird, like yesterday.

Earth 2 20

I'm reminded of that Spider-Woman line, "The female is deadlier than the male."  Boy did they get that right here.  The Aqua-Spear is nice and all, but that's nothing compared to drowning an entire army via cloudwater.   Aquawoman is like Super Saiyan Katara.  

Forever Evil 5
Since about the start of Earth 2, I've had a theory that Darkseid has actually declared war on the entire multiverse.  When it was revealed that the Crime Syndicate were actually fleeing from their own universe, it only bolstered my belief: what else could make a ruthless version of the Justice League run like that?    Plus there've been mentions of Earth-2's Doctor Fate in this universe.   Next month sounds like when we find out once and for all if I'm right or wrong.

If I'm wrong, then I hate everything because man that's an easy plotline that's already been set-up.  Plus it's a nice way to set the reset button on the frankly depressing Earth 2 book.  (Defeat Darkseid, the world is cleansed of his effects, giant reset button where the JSA exists.)

Iron Man 21
Stark Industries: Building a Better Poverty.   Probably not the tagline Tony would want, but if we're being realistic that's probably not the worst goal in the world. 

 Loki: Agent of Asgard 1
There's something that bugs me about new Loki.  Mostly, that he's so blatantly being turned into tumblr-bait because Tom Hiddleston made him seem attractive.  So now, Marvel's bending over backwards to twist him into something that you can like without being a horrible monster. Sure, he'll occasionally say or do some mean or "mischievous" things, but he won't be evil--he'll perfectly skirt the line between "good guy" and "bad boy" that Twitter/Tumblr loves so much.  I think the problem is that its too "easy"--he's this pretty boy+bad boy who the entire world hates (rightfully so) which means we're supposed to root for him.   I honestly think it'd be better if he were an actual asshole and Marvel compelled you to like him regardless of that.  Like Code Geass (pick a character, honestly), but with better plotting.   Still, I'm supposed to be in favor of when someone evil turns good (and I was when he wasn't being so blatantly sexualized) so...go Loki, I guess.

Mighty Avengers 6
I was initially going to use a completely different issue for this book, but nngh.  This is one of my favorite pages of the week--seeing heroes from two different generations argue over their personal opinion of responsibility.  Shouts out to Al Ewing for doing his research.  There are white guys from America who couldn't have gotten this discussion down, never mind from another country.  (Don't even get me started on that "relax your hair" mention.  Nice touch.)

Ms. Marvel 1
  Ms. Marvel #1 is an interesting origin story from Ms. G. Willow Wilson of Air fame.  This is what you call an overall idea for an arc: given the power of metamorphosis, how do you define what's "normal" when you are no longer locked into any one race, gender, or overall appearance?  I'm guessing that's what we'll be finding out over the course of this story.  Looking forward to it.

Transformers: More than Meets the Eye 26
So THAT'S the secret to how Megatron always seems to show up at the perfect moments to say/do evil shit.   I'd always wondered.

Author's Note: Bottom of the Pile is a weekly column (or at least, my attempt at said) in which I cover the comics that found their way to the bottom of my pile, thus being the best as I've always been a proponent of "saving the best for last".   Since bog standard reviews can be found literally anywhere, coverage can range from mini-reviews to funny comments to commentary on a creator's run or comics as a whole, depending on a wide range of factors including the comic itself, the amount of time I have, and my general mood.


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