Battle Rap Wednesdays: AyeVerb vs. AhDiBoom

Sorry for no BRW last week, I was grinding on some other shit.   I really would like for some of those UW battles to come out, but with them trying to get every dime of that PPV money, it'll be awhile.

This battle kind of annoys me.  For one, it starts at 5:55.  I know ya'll are a new league and that's cool--but cut that bullshit out. I respect that you doing your promotion and all that, but find a better way to do it.  Follow the KOTD model, not the SMACK/URL "it's eight minutes of bullshit before the actual battle" model.

Second, it's only 15 minutes long and it ends kinda early.  All in all I think the rappers spit for maybe eight minutes combined.  For a one-rounder, usually they extend the battle to at least give fans 6-8 minutes of material each. 

As far as the battle goes: I dunno.  This AyeVerb isn't the one that battled Dizaster.  Still, he does pretty great--you could tell Ah Di Boom was kind of giving it his all while AyeVerb was half-assing it and still doing great, which says a lot.   Still, all BS aside it's kind of a debatable battle.  Aye Verb put in a good performance but like I said it wasn't his best.  Ah Di Boom had some great haymakers but then he would say some corny shit, plus Paul Walker lines mean you instantly lose the battle in my eyes.  

Expect a battle every Wednesday for the rest of this month, though.  


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