Bottom of the Pile: December 31st, 2013

The last comics of 2013.  What up.

Aquaman 26

When a creative team switches, it's customary for you to give the next team at least one issue to see if they've got the stuff.  If they don't, you stop reading; no harm, no foul.  Fortunately, it seems as if writer Jeff Parker does indeed have that "it" factor necessary to keep me reading.  Which is apparently Godzilla-sized crustaceans.  Well, that and continuing what Geoff Johns started in showing Aquaman and Mera to be complete bad-asses. 

 Flash 26

This book wins purely off the virtue of having a Flash fact.  Oh, and being a one-shot.  That's truly impressive, all things considered.  The new team for this takes over in either February or March, but I do hope we see Christos Gage on more DC stuff.  They could use more writing on this level.

Guardians of the Galaxy 10

The interesting thing about this book is the idea of seeing Angela's "people".  If you didn't already know, Angela's people are from Image comics, unless Neil Gaiman got THAT in the lawsuit as well.  If not, well...retcon incoming, I suppose.  Either way, this was a fairly hilarious book involving two ass-kicking ladies doing what they do best. 
 New Avengers 13

Holy SHIT this book is fucking bleak. Last issue teased the other threats the Illuminati would have to deal with if they were to stop this incursion of universes, mentioning a number of fearsome-sounding opponents.  This issue we get to see one of them, the Black Kings.  And what you see there is the result, albeit on a team from a different universe.  Jonathan Hickman has been using NA to ask such interesting questions, and the one presented to us this time is: What makes our heroes any different from these?

If you notice Bottom of the Pile is taking on a different form.  Less review, more overall commentary.  I only review comics I like anyway, which means every week I have to come up with different ways to say "Pretty pictures" and "This book wuz gud".   New year, new changes.  Hopefully what comes out of this will be more interesting.


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