Battle Rap Thursday: Charlie Clips vs. Tsu Surf

This must be what its like when guys see their favorite sports team win.  Watching Charlie Clips give this 3-0 out is probably one of my favorite moments in battle rap this year.  Tsu Surf says some ridiculous shit in his rounds sometimes, and seeing Clips dismantle that shit?  Amazing.
Favorite bar: "And I hate when you be throwing shots/You swing, and your bars go over top.  So you say shit like 'Urn in Ash'--that's nash./Nigga, no it's not.  'Urn in Ash' is Urnash, with your bird-ass/if you WERE Nash, you wouldn't understand that until your third pass."

Between that and the Big T gun sounds?  Hysterical.

Now I need all the fans to stop lying.  This didn't look different on cam.  This ain't no close battle.  The first round isn't debatable.  This is a fucking 3-0 loss.  Surf just had a off night--he's got a match against Calicoe this month, it's not like his career is dead. 


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