Battle Rap Wednesday - Danny Myers vs. Mark Miner

This plus the Ill Will battle being posted after KOTD and UW had such dope events is a really good look.   SMACK is big enough that they can just keep doing them and not lose much steam.  As far as this battle:

YIKES.  I wondered what would happen if Myers went up against someone with nowhere near the skill of Rum Nitty, and here I got my answer.  Myers KILLS this dude in the first round, then comes back to desecrate the corpse in rounds two and three.   The only thing I remember of Miner's is that X-Men scheme, and that was the only time the room wasn't fucking dead for him.   Each time Myers started up though, you could almost feel the energy in the room change and the hype fill the air.  I love it--we need as many new guys as possible. 


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