Music Video of the Week: John Legend - All of Me

John Legend had an album come out recently, entitled "Love in the Future". It was a solid, soulful R&B effort that had about 16 tracks on it and nearly all of them are excellent, which somehow managed to sell 100,000 copies in two weeks and still managed to hit #2 on the US R&B Billboard.  That's pretty much why people say R&B is dead these days.

Setting that aside though, there's a good chance John Legend's album could get a second chance at rocking the Billboard charts with this new single, All of Me.  Featuring Legend's lovely spouse Chrissy Teigen, All of Me is a beautiful ballad that will probably end up being declared by a couple million young couples over the next few years as "our" song.  And rightfully so; John Legend goes in, with a beautiful piano and touching lyrics, proving himself to still have the number one spot in the R&B world in terms of vocal talent. 


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