Battle Rap Wednesdays: JC vs. Ceph Deezy

So, there was another battle that happened yesterday that I could have chosen, but the honest truth is that despite featuring one of my favorite battlers, it didn't impress like I thought it would.  So we're dealing with this battle, from a side league that's sponsored by URL called Scheme Street.  Scheme Street is actually known for quite a few good battles, and this is one of their most recent, featuring a newcomer named Ceph Deezy and one of my favorite battlers in the game, JC.

The thing I admire the most about JC is that, as far as I've seen, the guy consistently puts on great battles and he rarely loses.  This battle is yet another example of this; rather than go light because he has not one but two battles scheduled for the next month, JC took the time to fucking steamroll Ceph Deezy.  The worst part of it is, Ceph wasn't BAD, he just couldn't stand up to the much more polished JC.  Round 3 was especially awful. You can look at the end of it--battlers always dap up at the end as a sign of respect and to indicate that its just entertainment.  But there was NO love in that dap at the end because JC's third was too cruel. 

Looking forward to seeing JC against Rich Dolarz or John John Da Don, and also seeing what happens in that Charlie Clips battle, as both of them are my favorites and have ridiculously high win/loss ratios.


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