Because the Internet

Briefly I saw the name of this project and thought Donald Glover was going to be fucking around.  And then I pressed play on this freestyle.  It's nice to be wrong.

After what most of his hardcore fanbase thought was a creative mis-step with his mixtape Royalty, I was actually left pretty excited.  I thought Royalty was what a mixtape should be: stretching one's creative muscles and experimenting before getting refocused for your next album. 

From what I heard with Centipede and with this freestyle, that's exactly what he's done.  He got that Li'l Wayne/Kanye out of his flow and came up with something that's uniquely his own and he's sounds a lot more comfortable on the mic.   And if the beat he had on this is any indication of what he's got planned for the album, the music is going to sound fucking amazing.

To me Childish Gambino is one of the most interesting rappers in the game right now, and he's still got a ton of potential left untapped.  I can't say for sure if this will be the one classic that cements his name, but I can say I'll definitely be one of the first people to cop his new album.  Even though he's the worst rapper ever.  (Listen to the song.)


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