Calendar of Cool: September

Strobelights/Lovely Nights (August 31st)

This isn't in September technically, but August 31st and September 1st are close enough for me.  This is my boy Mario Devon's freshman debut album, a double CD that's half rap half R&B.  The guy's been putting in work on this thing since I met him (which was like two years ago), and it shows with the studio-level production I've heard from the few tracks I've gotten the chance to listen to so far.  So you know, go cop that shit because women love dark-skinned men singing about them.  Or get it because you want to be ahead of the curve about a guy who's going to blow up and you can be the one to say "I knew about him before he was mainstream".  Or just get it because I only ever recommend cool shit.  But go cop that ish.  It's on Amazon, it's on Rhapsody, it's on iTunes.  You got a lot of options, so no excuses!

Doctor Who Season 7 (September 1st)

Whoo, I'm WAY too late with this thing.  I meant to do this before the new Doctor Who came out, but schoolwork and overall laziness kept me from getting out quite when I wanted to.  But it's still early, so here goes: It's the fall, and you know what that means: More of the madman with a box and cool British accents.  This is the third season being written by showrunner Steven Moffat, and it promises a number of events including the last adventures of Rory and his incredibly gorgeous but much less cool wife Amy, the appearance of the newest companion (played by actress Jenna-Louise Coleman), and quite possibly, the answer to the series' greatest mystery: Doctor Who?

I watched the opening episode of the season Monday, and while there were a few bumps in the storytelling, it presented a fairly interesting new idea (that I won't spoil for those of you waiting for BBC America to show the episode), and made a huuuuge change to the series canon that will hopefully have ramifications for years to come.  (That, and Matt Smith was awesome.  This is almost expected, but I thought it was worth mentioning anyway.)  Not bad for a forty-five minute opener.  Add to that the 50th anniversary of the Doctor is next year, and I think we're in for an amazing time with the best sci-fi series on television yet again. 

Kamen Rider Wizard (September 2nd)

Again, little late with the update since I saw the first episode of this on Monday as well.  The upside is this isn't future projections--I can confirm this series seems to be as awesome as we were all hoping it would be. 

For those who aren't keeping up, Kamen Rider Wizard is about a new Rider named Haruto Souma, a rider who awakened during a solar eclipse ritual that released demons called Phantoms into the modern day world.  The Phantoms' goal is to create more phantoms by robbing potential magic conduits (known as Gates) of their hope, and of course it's Kamen Rider Wizard's goal to put a stop to them.   I'll go into more detail in a separate article on Wizard, but for now let's just say that Kamen Rider Wizard is a return to form for the franchise that we haven't seen (in my opinion) since Kamen Rider W (Double).  The designs are truly impressive again, the fight scenes are stunning, and there's the right mix of levity and drama that we've been lacking for at least a year, possibly two. 

Returning fans, curious newcomers, and stalwarts can all download the series on either TV-Nihon or Over-Time.  Sa, showtime da!

Young Justice Season 2 (Rumored: September 30th)

Finally a series which isn't already back on the air just yet, Young Justice is rumored to be returning to the airwaves at the end of the month.  From the very moment they revealed in the first episode that they had skipped ahead five years, Young Justice has been a rollercoaster ride of reveals and secrets and insane plot twists that have kept me (and most people) on the edge of our seats.  If the first season of Young Justice introduced a crapton of characters, the second season introduced even more (in fewer episodes), essentially making Earth-16 a less cluttered version of the DC Universe that DC just "got rid of".   With everyone from Tim Drake and Bart Allen to Barbara Gordon and Cassie Sandsmark having made an appearance, it's a good bet that producer Greg Weisman and company have probably brought in your favorite character.  But, if not...


There's a good chance that he will.  This trailer has huge spoilers regarding the last new episode of YJ, so watch at your own risk:

And that's it for September.  I'm probably going to start work on October pretty much immediately, since it looks stuffed with so much crap I don't really have time for, all of which is undeniably awesome.  Later. 


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