My brain just shut down...

I have absolutely no amusing title to open with. No big, huge commentary to make. I've been meaning to talk about DC's latest event, Flashpoint, and what I hoped would come from it...

But it looks like DC beat me to the punch. A complete renumbering of the entire DC Universe line. Then simultaneously announcing day and date releases for...their entire DC Universe line.

I'm going to need more information to understand exactly where this is going, and how much I care. It sounds like a total reset...but no one's SAID that. Just renumbering. In the future we'll be told more about what all this means, but right now? I'm, still in complete and total shock.

I think Action Comics and Detective Comics should stay @ their-so-close-to-1000-you-could-sneeze numbers, but other than that? I approve, DC.


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