Best PS3 title I've seen in years...

And it's from the PSP? *sighs*

Oh well. For those who haven't heard--the newest project Sony is working on is called the PSP Remaster, which will be a series of titles on Sony's portable console being ported to the PS3. Each game will be released on Blu-ray disc, rendered in HD graphics and given full DualShock 3 controls.

Check out one of the first titles to be remastered, MHP3rd:

For me, the Remaster series has the potential to be one of the coolest things I've seen as a gamer since the PS1. The truth is, today's next-gen games generally bore me to tears. And while the DS and PSP have both had great games to come out for them, I usually prefer my console over anything else, and the gorgeous visuals that come with them. Annoyed as I was to see Lunar redone for the PSP, if I saw one of my most favorite universes EVER rendered in HD, I'd probably plotz.

Here's some of the titles I hope we get to see Remastered (and brought to America):

There are other ones I'm sure, but these are the ones I'd love to see most. Personally I'd be happy if I only saw half of them, though. Here's hoping.


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