Status Update

Okay. Apologies for getting nothing written. I had plans Friday to get actual work accomplished, but while I was in the middle of doing so, I got dragged away on a shopping trip for clothes.

There literally is nothing else to that story, aside from the universe-is-laughing part where I went into Radio Shack with my mother in an attempt to get a new phone...and she walked out with an iPhone 3, while I walked out with exactly the same phone I walked in with.

Anyway, I've got about a month left to get my grades together for the "wow, these are sure pointless now that I've changed my major" classes, and in the case of Physics it's not looking good. Still, nothing will change if I don't at least make an attempt to try, so that's what I'll be doing for the next five weeks.

As far as the writing...blah...I'm unsatisfied with my work, and I think that's largely because everything I post is first draft material. That'd be fine if everything were simple updates like this, but (for those that actually pay attention to this) it's actually closer to article work, and nobody would publish anything that was only a first draft. As a result, I'm hoping to put more of my work through at least one rewrite each before I submit.

That MAY result in slower updates, but hopefully they'll be less sporadic. We'll see. While we wait, though...a song!


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