Captain America: The First Avenger trailer

I haven't seen much about this movie since the Super Bowl commercial, but here's the full trailer, promoting the film adaptation of the origin of Captain America.

I think they put a little too much sauce on the transformation process (...It was, like, a shot.) but I'm not really judging it on accuracy to the comics. This movie's it's own thing.

I love the fact that it's a period piece, but they're not holding anything back in regards to costumes and villains. I'm going to guess that this film will capture most people's attentions, since it's a more "grounded" movie than every superhero flick out there that's not Batman. (I could speculate as to why that is, but it would only sound like an insult.)

Love the little nods to Iron Man films, and I'm excited to see how this and Thor grow the universe Marvel's attempting to create. So, what about everyone else? Who's going to see this opening weekend? (It's July 22nd.)


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