Song of the Day - Melanie Fiona: Monday Morning

So it was something like, a few weeks ago that I claimed that I wasn't really digging the R&B scene and everybody I knew had pretty much fallen off.

Well as it so happens I was checking out the Foxxhole just a few minutes ago and got introduced to a relatively new artist by the name of Melanie Fiona. Coming out of Toronto, Canada (catch up America...first Drake--who's a whole lot better than some of the dudes we've been coming up with, now Melanie Fiona...Canada is kicking your butt right now), Melanie brings a style that manages to hearken back to the old-school of R&B (everything from the Jackson 5/Motown heyday to the early/mid-90's where R&B was king) without being a slave to it.

...Y'know, there was a time when I didn't know what that meant exactly, but then one day I turned on the "oldie" station and they had on some really uninspired music that sounded like it was from the 60's or so...and then I noticed they were mentioning beepers and cell phones. People--you cannot completely replicate an era. Once its gone, its gone.

Fortunately Melanie knows this, and instead brings us something completely fresh. Check it:

(Soon as I can find a better version...)


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