7 Thoughts About Kyuranger 19: "The Spirit of the Forest Planet, Keel"

Episode 20 is coming either today or early tomorrow. 

 1.) This, fellow viewers, is what writers like to call a "ticking clock".  The Kyuranger's success over the past four months has caused Jark Matter to get serious about trying to win; this has resulted in them sending what looks like hundreds of Consumarz to drain Earth of its energy, fast

The team rushes off to try and fight it, but Xiao warns that it would be more expedient for them to merely find the last globe necessary to track down the Argo and win.  And so now the Argo goes from a thing that would merely be nice to have, to a necessary weapon in their battle against Jark Matter, because if they don't find it in time, Earth dies.  If I had to guess, I'd say we're two, maximum three episodes away from the Argo's first real appearance.

2.) Setting aside the hilarity of a squid squirting an arc of ink outwards and somehow getting it to create a rainbow which "clearly" symbolizes the "love" she and Scorpio have....no.   Since she regenerates when someone has a piece of her form, she shouldn't be back at all--last time she was destroyed it was in an alternate universe; how did Scorpio get this piece of her in the first place?

That having been said, with each remaining episode she stays around there's a greater and greater chance of her turning good.

 3.) Kyu Globe Update: The Caelum Globe, which seemingly uses a set of chisels to chip away at opponents with rock-like exteriors...and basically give them something of a face lift, for mockery purposes.  Jeez, no wonder the villains don't like you guys; you can be big jerks.

 4.) Remember kids, never talk to strangers!  Especially ones that keep calling you "handsome". As it turns out, the forest guardian is kind of a bratty kid with an obsession with "ikemen"--which means she should've been there when Lucky and Garu got all moody thanks to the Shining Kyu Globe's Lunar mode.   And, speaking of the Shining Kyu Globe...

5.) The Shining Kyu Globe makes a return!  I'm pretty shocked by that--but I'm even more shocked that its Solar Mode functions as something of an actual power-up; increasing Lucky's speed and attack power to the point he could briefly overwhelm Scorpio and recover the final map globe that was stolen from this planet's forest guardian.  

I'm impressed...but though this fight scene was pretty hot (Get it?  "Hot?"  ....Aw, what do you know from funny?), I still find the design of Sun Leo Red to look ridiculous. 

6.) Earlier in the episode, Stinger attacks the Kyuranger on the Orion in order to steal the other globes that form the map to the Argo, bringing them to Scorpio in an attempt to get him alone in a face to face confrontation.

Well, he's filled with rage so he's not thinking clearly, and the last time he fought his brother he ended up being unable to defeat him and quitting altogether.  It's frustrating to see what's meant to be the cool member of the team hold the Idiot Ball, and hold it for sooo long!   After getting Champ killed, you'd think he would have learned not to let emotions cloud his mind, but apparently not.  Wow, I wonder how this fight is going to turn out!  :-/

7.) Next Week:  Turns out, Stinger either has some kind of berserker mode that fails to take out Scorpio and ends up being a nuisance to the rest of the Kyuuranger, or Scorpio just mind-controls him.  Either way, this all could have been avoided!


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