5 Thoughts About Supergirl: "Ace Reporter"

Back from her mid-mid-season break, it's Supergirl!

1.) Exactly what is Kara doing for money?  She started a blog called "Karadanvers.com" and that's cute and all, but there's no way she's making enough off that alone to pay for a one bedroom apartment in a metropolitan city.  Is she doing some bounty hunting on the side?

2.) I'm not entirely comfortable with how that Winn/James/Lyra story went down.  At a time where abuse of power in law enforcement is absolutely rampant, the fact that Lyra beat the holy hell out of a kid looked unacceptable.  To be sure the kid was a thief and James shouldn't have just let him go, but there's got to be a line between that and trying to give a teenager a concussion.

3.) As usual the villain this episode is incredibly weak, which is pretty common for episodic villains--there's not nearly enough time to develop them properly--but I did love the twist.  "You know what they say: behind every great man, there's a woman."  A nice little bait-and-switch that's not quite well-planned enough to be called genius, but it didn't betray any of the existing characters and gave you an otherwise straightforward episode a nice curve ball.  Too bad about the "villain" though--apparently the cost for being close to Lena is death, imprisonment, or worse.  It's like the Cartwright Curse resurrected and given form in the superhero world.

4.) I'm still not quite happy about the relationship between Snapper Carr and Kara Danvers--it's always flirting between her just telling him off and him being a proper gruff but caring mentor, but they hit a lot of the right notes here.   The point when Kara got fired back in "Exodus" was that even if she was doing the right thing she went about it the wrong way, and this episode saw her own up to that.  And her honesty also saw her rewarded--she turns over her information about the "human trials" done at Spheerco to Snapper and she gets a byline in the eventual story and her job back.  The last part is a bit unrealistic but...what do you want, it's a superhero show.

5.) They've been teasing Lena going bad like the rest of her family, but I do hope they never actually go through with it.  Yes nature vs. nurture is a strong argument as far as turning her, but the way Kara is always there for her and being literally the best friend possible is what I hope will ultimately win the day.  But if they did go through with it?  ....Wow.  Nevermind all these forced romances in constant state of disrepair, that would be the most heartbreaking thing to happen on the show.  I love their friendship and how much they support each other--it's only been one season but they've legitimately built Lena up as nearly as much a believable support system as Kara's sister.

Still, introducing Mon-El's mother at the end is a giveaway that we're reaching a turning point with the "Is she really evil?" storyline.  Either she's going to help Kara fight Rhea, or turn evil because of something Rhea does. 


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