5 Thoughts About The Flash: "Abra Kadabra"

I'm going to try and do the episodes I missed in the last three weeks since they're on break until the end of April.

1.) This episode got fairly cute with the references--both Stagg and Kord Industries get a quick mention, as Abra Kadabra goes hopping around Central City with the intent of stealing enough equipment to make...what else?  A time machine.

2.) Okay, so with her latest appearance I've decided I basically just...don't like Gypsy.  She was annoying enough the first time she showed up, but between the fact that she and Cisco have less chemistry than people say Barry and Iris have, and the fact that she's just super mean, I can't deal with her anymore.   

To begin with, the whole "Collector" thing doesn't set well with me.  She's hopping from Earth to Earth to take people into custody, but this agency seems to have no jurisdiction to do so.  They haven't worked out any agreements with other Earths, these collectors just hop around doing whatever they want.  

And then second, the fact that she tried to move Kadabra without even attempting to see if Iris could be helped was ridiculous.  It's one thing to say you're going to help someone you've never met, but she was saying she'd see Kadabra killed even while she was looking the person who was going to die in the face, and that's just...cold.

3.) As much as I think Abra Kadabra could be a decent threat, I was more than a little annoyed with how he was somehow able to give trouble to not only two speedsters, but two people who can teleport at will!   There's a point at which Kadabra builds his time-traveling airplane, and there's this neat CGI scene of Flash and Kid Flash chasing him around the city while Gypsy and Vibe teleport as well.  But it just raises the question of why can't the Flashes just take the plane apart mid-flight?  To say nothing of how he was able to teleport away faster than Flash could catch him.  Yikes.  

I will admit that I appreciate that Barry's last minute "I'm pleading to your human side" nonsense failed.  You sentenced a guy to death, Barry.  Why the fuck would he help you?
4.) If they fail to save Iris and Caitlin, this show is as bad as Arrow in terms of being "bright".  When you think about it, the season bad guys pretty much always win on this show.   To be sure, their "ultimate" plan is always thwarted, but even in doing so they always take something irreplaceable from Flash.   Thawne killed Barry's mother.  Zoom killed his father.  Kadabra damaged Caitlin so bad she turned into Killer Frost, and that very likely won't have a happy ending.   And Savitar?  Well, he's just trying to kill Iris and go ahead and put down what's left of Barry's emotional support system.  And that's after Savitar causes Jay Garrick to be trapped in the Speed Force until someone/something else takes his place. 

Geez.  Can the good guys catch a break?

5.) After trying everything from changing the past to tossing Savitar into a "Speed Force jail", Barry finally comes up with a plan that "shouldn't" work, but likely will: he's decided to travel forward into the future to learn about what's going to happen, and change the present that way.

In theory--this should fail; if you change the present you change the future and thus what you saw in the future should no longer be accurate.  Which causes you to return to the future and change it again, which is going to get quite circuitous.  And yet, I'm quite certain this little trick is going to be one of the keys necessary to stop Savitar. 

Either way though, I am loving the look of the new Flash suit.


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