2014 E3 Hopes and Predictions

One thing you can say about me, I'm habitual in my lateness.   E3 is upon us once again, only this time I've been talking about it for months because quite frankly...this year has been pretty shite for announcements, with everyone using the excuse that we should "wait for E3".   At one point I literally watched some people try to count down from 100 days.   These gaming fans out here are thirsting, son.

I've heard conflicting rumors from everyone's new favorite source for gaming information (Twitter)--some say this E3 will be crazy, others claim you should only get excited for games you already know about.  Now to me, that makes E3 pointless since E3 should be about the new.  But hell, they've revealed so many games prior to the show that I honestly wonder if anything will be left to reveal at all.   Still, let's go down the list of hopes/predictions.

Prediction: More Information on the mysterious "X"

I've been excited for this game since the moment I saw it.  Nintendo's show last year really wowed me because I forgot they hadn't tried HD gaming yet--Mario Kart and Smash were actually some of the coolest parts of last year's show, but...full disclosure?  The Wii U sitting underneath my television was bought for X.  Exploring a vast, alien landscape in what appears to be a wide variety of mecha that can either fly and/or transform is something I dreamed about as a child.   It's unmistakably a Japanese RPG, but so far without any of the moe garbage or awful anime cliches that plague modern-day anime.

So here's my prediction: First off, we'll see the first story trailer for the game.  Finally the trailer will reveal X's actual name, and we'll finally get our release date.   Now, before you scoff at the release date part, let's go over some facts. This game is still listed on Nintendo's release schedule as coming out in 2014, worldwide.    We're already half of the way done with that--E3 generally gives us a look at the remaining titles due out at the end of the year.  Should Nintendo STILL have an intention to release the game this year, this is one of their last and best places to do so.   If we don't see a release date, then expect the game to be pushed back to 2015 to join the rest of the games we were all excited to see this year.

Hopes: Rocksteady gives more information on Batman: Arkham Knight

Thus far, aside from the initial CG trailer, all we've heard about from Arkham Asylum has pretty much been about the Batmobile.  Even the facts you think don't involve it.  They made the city five times larger...because of the Batmobile.  There are taller skyscrapers and buildings in the game...because you can eject from the Batmobile to pretty crazy heights.   Personally information on the story would be great.   More importantly, are Robin and Nightwing playable.   For me, that's the difference between Day One and waiting until it's half-off. 

Also I'm hoping for a release date, which will tell us more about the game.  If there are serious problems, then probably a Q2 or Q3 release.  If there aren't any serious issues and they're really only trying to give Middle-Earth: Shadows of Mordor some breathing room, then I'd guess Q1 2015, since that would still let the game turn a profit before the Fiscal Year ends.

Toss-Up Prediction: Injustice 2 makes an appearance

So on Twitter for about a month now Ed Boon has been teasing the appearance of a new game.  But he sort of flip-flopped between it being Mortal Kombat X and Injustice 2.  A couple days ago, Mortal Kombat X was finally revealed, settling the debate once and for all...or did it? 

Ed Boon's still kinda hinting at Injustice making an appearance.  He's known for trolling, so maybe that's what he's doing here.  Or maybe Injustice 2 is being worked on at the same time as Mortal Kombat X, even if it's in a much earlier stage.   Let's face it: both games made money, and NRS isn't going to stop making either any time soon.  If they're large enough to work on two titles, this could easily happen.   Let's just hope the next game doesn't have nearly as much DLC fuckery. 

....Okay, now I'm really kidding myself.

Hopes: Mass Effect: Contact doesn't break the streak

No, not that streak.  This is a different one.  inFamous: Second Son was the first Playstation 4 game I actually paid for, and it was excellent.   Dragon Age: Inquisition is one of the few games (left) coming out this year that I'm excited to play.   Neither of those franchises appealed very much to me last gen, but improved graphics and changes in art design made a huge difference. 

Mass Effect "4" has long been in the works.    We also know it's not called Mass Effect 4, and the most reliable rumors say it'll be called Mass Effect: Contact.   Whether that's true or not remains to be seen.  Hell, whether it makes an appearance at E3 even remains to be seen, but the rumor mill certainly believes it strongly enough, and I don't know very many titles EA could be working on that could help them fill out their "half a dozen new game reveals" they've been boasting about if we're taking Bioware out of the picture.  Let's see.

No Chance Prediction: Rockstar reveals Agent

So, Agent is this title that was initially revealed back in 2009.  All we got was a single logo (shown above), and this description:

Agent takes players on a paranoid journey into the world of
counter-intelligence, espionage and political assassinations during the height
of the Cold War at the end of the 1970s. 

The one Rockstar game that actually sounds interesting to me, so naturally there's been zero news on it for nearly six years.  Fortunately, I understand that's semi-normal for them, and Rockstar's supposed to release a PS4/XB1 title before April 2015.   Now, smart money says this is just GTA V which I couldn't care less about.  But who knows?  Maybe they finally finished this thing.

Hopes: Triad Wars makes an appearance.  ...And isn't simply online.

Sleeping Dogs is one of my favorite games of all time.  They created a beautiful city utilizing an exotic locale, a by-the-numbers but very well written story, and a simple but fun combat system, then tossed you in it to have fun.   Really, all I want is an off-line mode.  I don't care if there's an online mode at all, just so long as it accompanies a robust campaign, a la Watch_Dogs or even GTA V.   Don't let me down, United Front.  Please.

Prediction: Uncharted is a lot further along than people think

Naughty Dog has had two teams for awhile now, and Uncharted has been rumored to be in development for something like three years.  It's a given that we won't see this title in 2014, but I do think this summer might not be the worst time to release Nathan Drake's latest outing.   That said, I doubt we'll get more than a loose "2015" date for the game.  MAYBE they'll nail it down to the Quarter.

Hopes: Just one new IP

Again, I hope for just one new IP--or even a new revival--that I can get excited for.  I know most of Sony's surprises (The Last Guardian is almost a given, and Project Beast seems confirmed at this point) and they don't particularly impress me.    More accurately, I'm hoping for a new RPG or a new open-world game I can sink my teeth into.  Last year I got my wish in the form of The Order: 1886.  Can I go two for two?   Let's see.

Either way, I'll be back here on Wednesday (hopefully) with my Gaming Calendar for the remainder of the year, and 2015.  


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