The Shuffle: Go Crazy - m-flo + SOL (Big Bang)

This song is super generic to be honest.  Like the epitome of super-catchy, easily digested pop music. But I'm honestly not that upset about it.   SQUARE ONE was borderline unlistenable for me aside from it's three singles due to the abundance of dubstep.  Their follow-up, NEVEN?   Not too much better.   I remember One in a Million being an excellent dance track, and then there was No Way, where Verbal actually rapped (remember when he did that all the time?  ), and after that you can keep most of that one too.  So if the feel of Future is Now is more along the line of this, where I can at least listen to the music instead of wanting to throw my laptop out the window?   We're doing great.

Now, speaking of SQUARE'll notice that, much like they did on SQUARE ONE, on this song m-flo has teamed up with someone from a popular K-Pop group, this time it's BIG BANG.   To start out, this isn't new at all--m-flo did this back on Beat Space Nine, nearly ten years ago and long before K-Pop exploded and became the phenomenon it is today.  (And again on COSMICOLOR, which is still a little bit before the K-Pop thing.)

Even still, it's not a surprise.  Not long after SQUARE ONE debuted, one-half of the group Taku Takahashi was fielding questions from longtime m-flo fans who were...less than satisfied with the album.   I spoke to him then and one of the things he mentioned was how he felt Japanese artists weren't really doing anything new, and how m-flo wanted to push the boundaries; that if they just wanted to be popular they'd essentially do more m-flo loves stuff and let that do.   He went on to talk about how Korean music was doing things so much better and bigger than Japanese artists were, and I agreed because they'd actually managed to cross over cultures and make it to America.   In short, collabs like this are something we should just get used to.

I just hope this time m-flo's moved on to dancehall and is done with the experimental dubstep stuff.

m-flo's eighth album, Future is Wow, drops this March on the 26th.


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