Battle Rap Wednesdays - Rum Nitty vs. Tycoon Tax

The other half of the JC vs. Chilla of 2014 makes an appearance at Blackout 4.   His performance here pretty much catapults him to being worthy of at least one shot at the top tier.  Also?  Nitty's 3rd is one of the best third verses I've heard in a long-ass time.  Tycoon Tax wasn't terrible, but Rum Nitty comfortable 3-0'd him. 

Only problem I had with this battle?  At one point Nitty compared himself to Tay Roc.   ....Fuck outta here.    From what I've seen of Roc, the only way Rum Nitty wouldn't bodybag him is if he choked from being on the big stage (the Ill Will effect) or he took him light and didn't write for him (the JC).  I swear some of these "top tier" guys get way more respect than they deserve.


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