Battle Rap Wednesdays: Aye Verb vs. Dizaster

First thing's first: Battle of the Bay 6 is the battle rap card fans have been waiting for all year.  WD4 had shit sound issues.  NOME3 was garbage.  And SM3 had the worst crowd I've ever fucking seen.  (That's why O-Red vs. Big T won't ever be on this site despite my being a pretty big O-Red fan.  Well, that and this.)   But I saw like five or six of the BOTB 6 matches and all of them were the shit.

As usual, Organik kicks it off with one of the most anticipated match-ups: Aye Verb vs. Dizaster.  The battle is debatable based on a couple factors:

- Where you stand on the "bars vs. jokes" shit.  If you're a fan of bars, Aye Verb verbally (hah) destroys Diz in Round 1, and you've pretty much got to give it to him because the first half of Diz's rounds is a bunch of corny perm jokes.   If you like jokes though, Dizaster wins hands down because while the jokes are tired they're still chuckle-worthy.
- How you feel about Dizaster and his rap style.  This is the best I've seen Aye Verb all year--better than against Arsonal (meh) and better than against Cortez...I think.  (Those wack-ass sound issues make it hard to tell.) If you're a fan of the old StreetStatus Verb, the guy who spit lines like this:

"If I hit the Angel Dust, get my anger up/turn Juggernaut, his brain get crushed/shots point blank range BANG he fucked/his soul flying I'm still firing, even his Guardian Angel ducked."

 That guy is back and it almost feels like he never left.   He puts on an amazing, composed performance all three Rounds.

Dizaster actually turned up too.  He can talk shit on Twitter all he wants, but I watched him die against Cortez so he knew what the fuck could happen against Verb and prepared accordingly.  ...But he's still Dizaster, so he's still the guy who haphazardly mixes freestyles and writtens, so you hear lines like this in the middle of his rounds: "Tonight you showed up looking like a bitch today." 

That line, plus something Aye Verb said in his first ("Your lines give niggas the same feeling as when the condom break"), pretty much sum up how this battle is going to go if you're not a Diz fan.   But it's very much an opinion-based deal, with the only fact being that even if you say someone got 3-0'd, you can't say they got bodied without looking like a stan.


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