Battle Rap Wednesday: Illmaculate vs. Bigg K

Battle of the Bay 6 continues being relevant.  SMACK continues to holler "BARS OVA NAMES!" seven times just because somebody said a hot bar in the middle of a choke.  

That's a cheap shot, but I'm just continuously shocked by how good the BOTB6 battles have been in comparison to every other event this year.  They've got the "names", they've got the young guns, they've got good crowds, great sound, and most importantly: the fucking bars.   It's a full package and if you're a rap fan I can't see how you'd watch any other battles before watching one from this event first. 

This week's battle is another joint where both emcees are excellent and on their A game to such an extent that it really comes down to preference.  The only round I can concretely give to either rapper is Illmac winning round 3.  Other than that I don't really care how you score it.  There's jokes, schemes and punchlines for days in this battle, and if anyone ever wonders why you care about battle rap as a sport, this would be the kind of battle you'd point them to.


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