Whoo!!! Valentine's Day is OVER!

Seriously, V-D annoys the crap outta me.  Not because of the lovey-dovey stuff of people in relationships--no, because of all the bitter single people.  And it gets so tiresome.  Here's just SOME of the bullshit I hear every Valentine's Day, and why it's a bunch of nonsense.

Happy Singles' Awareness Day! : Originally I thought this was kinda cute.  But the older I get the more it just sounds like the loneliest shit ever.  It's not Singles Awareness Day, it is a day for COUPLES.  No one is singling you out specifically and going, "Hey!  You're single?!  You should just go home and kill yourself."     Can you keep your sad, emo, "Oh God nobody loves me" shit to yourself for 24 measly hours and just let the couples enjoy themselves?   It'll be okay, I promise. 

Valentine's Day Is Just A Holiday Made Up By Corporations To... : Shut up shut up shut up.  Seriously, shut the fuck up.  Spend 02/14 looking up conspiracy vids on YouTube or something.  Valentine's Day is what you make of it.   You don't HAVE to give corporations a dime--that's subjective reality, and it can be changed.  If you want, you and your girlfriend (or boyfriend) can curl up and watch a movie at home for free.  Romance has never *had* to be pricey.

I'm Glad I'm Single Because... : Stop.  Only the select few people who are asexual are "glad" to be single.  If this is the lie you need to tell yourself to get out of the bed in the morning, so be it.  But please don't repeat it out loud, in my vicinity or on social media if I follow you.  I don't like perpetuating illusions people have about themselves, and you'll hate me for being blunt about it.

I Need Time To Work On Myself: This one's a bit different.  On the one side, I can see it: A lot of people just aren't READY for relationships.  They aren't emotionally available, they may still be stuck on an ex and starting a new relationship would be unfair to whoever that person is.   But when you start saying things like my money isn't right or I'm not where I want to be in life, that's when I bang my head against the wall.  Because that's not how love SHOULD work.

I know that in this materialistic, stuff-driven culture of ours, some of us tend to believe that if we cannot offer our partners the world that we don't deserve love.  Again, that's not how love works.  All of us, every decent human being on this Earth deserves someone in their life that makes them happy, and vice-versa.  And not through gifts or expensive trips or dates--just by being there with them, and weathering the storm of life by their side.

Now I'm not saying that if you're actually okay with being unemployed, living in a shitty apartment, and you're not in college or doing anything at all to attempt to better your standing that you need to be in a relationship.  No bitch, go find a fucking job or go back to school, and do better at life in general.  But that's not for your girlfriend, or your boyfriend.  It's for YOU.  

Love happens when it happens.  Giving the excuse that you have this or that going on in your life is worthless.  There's always going to be this or that going on in your life--would you turn down the person of your dreams because you don't think you're ready?  If you and that person are really made for each other, then they will see your hard work and love you all the more for it.  They won't (or at least they shouldn't) look down on you because you're working your way to the top--at least you're working.   You don't turn your back on someone who might suddenly hit it big one day after paying their dues--good men and good women see potential in others and are attracted to that.

But, I digress.  My point is, I'm worn out with the whining.  I'm 25 now, and we're coming up on the...fourth year since I broke up with my last girlfriend?  I bled out every ounce of bitterness ages ago, and somewhere between ages 22 and 24 I stopped worrying about being alone on Valentine's Day.    Its not that I "enjoy" being alone--I hate it.  I would love to have a lady that I cared about, who cared about me, to curl up with and just watch movies and anime and play video games and have stupid conversations that really, really don't matter with.  I would love to "push chocolate covered roses" or, "depending on [her] culture...a chicken".  But that's not where I am right now.  No amount of grousing is going to change that, so right now I'm just going to be happy for all the people who are in a better place right now.  And I wish all of you, a (belated) Happy Valentine's Day.  


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