Music Video of the Week: Fitz and the Tantrums - Moneygrabber

I'm either late to the party or ahead of the curve with this one.  I first heard "Moneygrabber" at my student union, and I thought: "Huh, the union plays Hall and Oates songs?"  I grooved to it a little bit then I moved on, but eventually I heard it one too many time and it got stuck in my head.  About a month ago I spent like, a half-hour online trying to find out what Hall and Oates song it actually was, but failed miserably.   Finally it came on one day and I just Shazam'd it (lovely program by the way) only to find it wasn't Hall and Oates at all, just a boy/girl dual vocalist and their band, where the guy sounds remarkably like Daryl Hall and the music sounds like it was teleported out of the hands of an MTV VJ from the 80's and onto post-2010 airwaves.   Anyway, enough of my written fellatio--here's the track:

I'll be following this group from now on, no question.


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