Just When I Thought I Was Out...

You know the rest.  Honestly, I've been finding myself slowly making my way out of video games.  J-RPGs don't exactly thrill me these days, but I don't much care for the West's dystopian-fueled fantasies or obsession with first-person shooters either.   I visit video game blogs more out of habit than anything else, and even my gamer friends mock me about always being online on my PS3 but never playing a game.

For the entire year I've bought exactly three video games: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions which came out like two years ago and I just finally got around to buying it (it's amazing though), Soul Calibur V which was just disappointing in terms of being anything other than an arcade port brought to consoles without ANY extra features, and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, and we ALL know how that turned out.  I finished Shattered Dimensions the month I bought it (to get me back in a gaming mood for Amalur), there was nothing in Soul Calibur to finish, and Amalur...to be honest, I was so hyped about an actual fantasy universe I could be invested in that the idea that this is the first and only game I'll get from that universe makes it sting too much to go back and finish that game.

Combine all of that with the fact that E3 was kind of dull as fuck and I was seriously pondering whether my promise to buy a PS4 would be worth it for me financially.   And then along came all of THESE in the same fucking day.

I have the most hope for Injustice, the DC Comics fighting game coming from Nether Realms Studios since they already have a somewhat solid track record thanks to MK9.   After that is Star Wars 1313, which has just created a more visually appealing world than Star Trek's so far.   Still, while I'm not exactly back to being a REAL gamer yet, these three games (combined with this August's Transformers: Fall of Cybertron) is steering me back in that direction. 

So, loyal readers (all three of you), which of these games has you the most excited?


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