Song of the Week - Phonte: Who Loves You More

I realize this is supposed to be a month devoted to Japanese music, but sometimes...ugh.

Yo, for all my rappers and would-be rappers out there: Listen to this song.  If you don't think you can make a song on this level, give it the fuck up.  You can feel it in every line Phonte utters that this is pure, unadulterated truth.  No bullshit.   The song is lyrically brilliant and sonically amazing--it's an example of what a tested emcee can do with a dope beat and a great vocalist, so yes it's a high mark in terms of what rap can do but if you don't at least think you can reach that mark?   Then go do something else--hip-hop needs no more pretenders or aggins claiming to the best without having put the work in.  (Go be a cop, fuck hip-hop.) 


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