Injustice: Gods Among Us Prediction List

There isn't enough geeking out I can do over this game.  I seriously wanted a video game that had MK's enjoyable-to-play story mode without having to deal with MK's universe, and I actually got one!  I'm amazed.   Now if that thing about Rocksteady making a "Silver Age Batman game that has the Justice League" rumor is true, I might start to forgive WB for not having another DC film until 2015.

So anyhow, for a game that isn't due out until 2013, we've actually seen quite a bit of Injustice thus far, with nearly 20 minutes of gameplay and eight characters of a possible 26-28 character total.  Before the two new characters made themselves known, I predicted Cyborg would be in this game, given he's a member of the "New" Justice League.   And being a human with a tremendous amount of hubris, I figured I'd give it a shot and see if I could reasonably predict the rest of the roster.  Right or wrong, my list will be preserved for posterity as the characters are announced. 

Let's presume that this game will split the heroes and villains relatively evenly.  So that's anywhere between 12 and 14 heroes/villains.  Now, here we go:

Superman (confirmed)
Batman (confirmed)
Wonder Woman (confirmed)
Flash (confirmed)
Nightwing (confirmed)
Cyborg (confirmed)

Harley Quinn (confirmed)
Solomon Grundy (confirmed)
Lex Luthor (in the trailer)
Captain Cold (not seen, but Flash is being attacked by ice in the trailer)

That's about ten characters, with anywhere from six to eight heroes left and eight to ten villains.   

So with the remaining slots, I'm going to say:

Green Lantern: This guy helps round out the new Justice League DC has, and is a fan-favorite character, thus pretty much a no-brainer.

Aquaman: Again, part of the Justice League.  There's literally no reason NOT to include him if they want a character that kicks tons of ass in close range combat.

Cheetah: Geoff Johns is Chief Creative Officer of DC (at least for a couple more years), and as such he's in charge of making sure things connect across all forms of media.  Occasionally Geoff will pick a certain DC character and decide they deserve to be more prominent, and since he's DC's most prolific and one of their most popular writers, it tends to work out.  Most recently he's chosen Cheetah, who'll be making an appearance in the new Justice League comic.   And what better way to help her become more popular than placing her in this game.  She's the perfect counter for Diana (Wonder Woman) anyway.

Atrocitus: See the above reasons for Cheetah.  This guy was recently the main villain for the first season of Green Lantern: The Animated Series.  There's no reason he shouldn't be present in this game as the counter to Hal Jordan.  I can easily see Hal being somewhat of a gadget character with tons of ring creations...and Atrocitus being a MAJOR Strength character who mainly uses his ring to vomit more napalm at you.  

Blue Beetle: DC likes this guy.  I mean really, really, REALLY likes this guy.  He's made numerous Batman: Brave and the Bold appearances, and is a member of the "new" Young Justice.  I can see him being a gadget character that gives writers a chance to show how this story affects the teen heroes.  The only reason I can see him not being included is if they don't just want to have the Justice League kicking the crap out of a kid.

 Captain Marvel: I like Geoff but I'm not calling him that other thing.  Anyway, this guy's currently featured every month in his own solo adventures in the Justice League series as a back-up.  He's scheduled to eventually join the main team, so I can't see him not being included in this.

Deathstroke: Basically, Nightwing needs a villain for a counter and this guy is a REALLY good gadget character to use for that.  

Black Manta: Aquaman's counter.   If Aquaman gets announced rest assured, Black Manta will follow shortly afterwards. 

Booster Gold: There's your out of nowhere character that you weren't expecting.  He seems like a troll character, but let's be honest: Flight, a force field, and arm lasers?   Nah, he'd be a pain to fight.

Black Canary: To start?  This game needs more than two effing girls. She's kind of a gadget character but basically I see her as an extremely technical fighter with a pretty nasty song to back up her martial arts. 

Lady Shiva: I'm being wrong on this one on purpose.  The DC Universe's best martial artist and the only person who even Batman wouldn't want to go hand-to-hand with.  I don't often play villain characters but I'd play Lady Shiva Woo San if they added her.

Black Adam: The counter to Captain Marvel.  A mirror character, but these guys know how to make mirror characters play fairly differently.

Prometheus: I didn't think of this character until I saw it in a post on another site and realized how brilliant he would be.  For those who aren't aware, Prometheus is one of the few completely human characters to take down the Justice League.  The GOOD version.  With the reverse origin of Batman (his parents were crooks killed by cops), Prometheus devoted his entire life to bringing down law and order.   He's a perfect character to add to this game, since he's even able to download the fighting styles of other characters directly to his brain.   Essentially, this is DC's version of the character that mimics everyone else's fighting styles.

Last few characters, no justification for them:

Green Arrow

I confess, I'm tapped out on villains...not that I personally care about those anyway aside from Lady Shiva.    In any case, so far the roster looks amazing, and I'm such a huge fan of DC that they can pick mostly anyone and I'll enjoy it. Now, enjoy this last trailer that was revealed at Comic-Con while we wait on more information.


  1. Im pretty sure Joker will be in it, and im really really hoping for catwoman or poison ivy.

  2. More Batman characters? It's possible, but I don't think anything could make me lose interest faster. I'm interested in this because it's DCU, not Arkham City: The Fighter.


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