"It's Superman!"

For a long time, I wasn't a huge fan of Superman. He's still *not* my favorite superhero, but the guy gets a lot of undue hate from people who dislike the guy because he's good at his job instead of wasting half his time brooding over nothing.

Plus, when he's written well, he's an example of just how great we as people can be, even if we aren't gifted with godlike powers from the rays of a yellow sun.

Anyways, I've been wanting a Superman cartoon...basically since I realized the last one sucked and we haven't had a new one since Smallville came on television. (Ten freaking years!) This, however, helps to make up for that:

They need to get this guy to do the next Superman cartoon. It had all the charm of the 40's Fleischer series, but it doesn't feel ancient. And this is what he did on a crap budget. Imagine what this guy could create with WB money. Please get on this Johns.


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