General Thoughts on Anime

...Really, entertainment in general. For all the talk of what's "art", and what isn't, what's critically impressive and what's cliche, what's avant-garde and what's "overdone", and what's intellectual and what's insane, and so matter what comes out of these arguments (usually nothing), we like what we like.

That statement can sound somewhat ridiculous depending on who it's coming from, and what it's being used to defend, but that doesn't matter. As individuals we all have varying viewpoints, diverse backgrounds and sometimes wildly contrasting perceptions that lead to us reacting to the similar creations in distinct, sometimes disparate manners. This sounds like inconsistent behavior, but it isn't.

Two series can cover the exact same themes with similar plotlines and a person could react differently to both, because the way each author crafted their story would be different, despite the similarities, leading to stories that emotionally resonate with a viewer/reader in very dissimilar ways.

(Of course, there's a bit more to this. Sometimes people's biases won't allow them to enjoy anything but their favorite of something, not even acknowledging the possibility that something may be superior, but for the sake of argument let's ignore these curious individuals.)

I say all this, because I'm Doing a Top Twenty Anime List, it won't match up with yours, it won't match up with the obvious ones, and I Don't Care. Suck It Up. (Fun way to live life.)


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