Monday, February 15, 2010

I STILL don't like Bruce Willis...

But this movie bears taking note of. I'm sure there's a billion people insulting this movie for being more lowbrow Hollywood popcorn crap, but I don't care. I've been seeing the clips and this new movie with Tracy Morgan looks hilarious. Its called Cop Out, and its got to do with a baseball card, but...let's be honest. Its a buddy cop flick, and buddy cop flicks (particularly comedic ones) aren't supposed to have plots--they're just supposed to involve insane dialogue between cops while doing their job.

We've seen maybe three minutes of this film and already its got that in excess. Rather than blab on though...trailer!

And a second trailer, since that's got the REALLY funny part in it.

February 26th. First interesting movie since Holmes.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Why reinvent the wheel?

Word's been going around that the formation of DC Entertainment is finally starting to actually do something for the superhero company, with the "nearly confirmed" announcement of a Young Justice cartoon.

The design's not bad, I'm cool with that.

...But also in the rumors? Calling the show "Young Justice League", and all but confirmed is an Aqualad character who's filling out the token role.

Is there any real reason why people can't leave well enough alone? This need to reinvent the wheel is getting silly.

Young Justice is a fairly simple concept. Three guys fight a villain together and decide they should hang out more often. Not long into this, some girls come in so we have a small team that's half girls and half boys. The characters are fairly recognizable: Robin, the Boy Wonder. Superboy, the super-powered teen clone of Superman, hero of Hawaii. Impulse, the super-speed teen hero of Manchester, Alabama with A.D.D. Wonder Girl, a shy girl who uses superheroing to break out of her shell. Arrowette, the master archer who's pushed into superheroing by her mother. And Secret, who's...okay, she's a secret.

But the whole thing is real simple. You can throw this on television without any alterations.

...So why are you making alterations?? A black Aqualad? You can't develop a pigment like that underwater! I'm fine with black characters in different forms of media. Its great when they're HEROES and not stereotypes, but this is tokenism and its no better.

Gah. I want to love this. As a child, I read five comic books and they turned me into a true fanboy: Morrison's JLA, Busiek's Avengers, Ron Marz's Green Lantern, Kurt Busiek's Iron Man, and Peter David's Young Justice.

There's an idea. Doesn't matter what characters you get--if you hire PAD to write a quarter of the season every year its on (3-4 eps of 13), I'll watch. As the architect of the entire concept of the team, I'd feel like the series was in good hands.

*sighs* Whatever. SDCC is where the announcement's supposed to come from. That's five months off, so we'll be positive and see what happens, huh?

Oh. There's also a rumor about a CGI Green Lantern Corps. Just figured I'd throw it out there in case people were out of the loop.

Basic Cable is Terrible

So, I'm pretty tired of basic cable now. Metrocast Cable breaks down to:

- sports channels
- news channels
- network channels

And the remainder is about 15 channels, few of which are worth my time. Already I'm wondering what the Character of the Month is on Boomerang.

Gah! Boomerang! I can live without Disney XD (which took a hit after the name change and they lost their old-school Disney cartoons anyway). I can live without Comedy Central (which I have now and they don't really air Scrubs all that much now anyway.

But I really miss Boomerang. Their focus on Hanna-Barbera toons makes them my favorite channel of all, and with CN having long fallen off years ago, there's no other credible station on television I can just turn on and leave it there.

As a result, I've been forced to do terrible things that...well, we'll get into it very soon.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sonic the Hedgehog 4

Sonic fans have been moaning about how lame Sonic has been since, really, right after Sega folded out of the console war. Despite initial success with the Dreamcast's Sonic Adventure, the great majority of the games since then have been, well...they seem to be rather weak.

But hope has returned (for some) with the announcement of the Project Needlemouse, a new Sonic project. Sega had listened to fans, and were going back to basics. Hit the jump to see what that got us.

...Wow. So, nearly twenty years later, their response is to give us...the same crap we played when I was back in grade school.

Gamers everywhere are rejoicing. I'm lamenting how lazy we've gotten. Someone please bring back Shadow, and sword-wielding Sonic (actually...what game is that? I want it.), because that's better than this.

I'm not saying this won't be a good game. In fact, it'll probably be great. And if its what it appears to be, I KNOW people are going to swarm all over it. But...

Its the same problem Mega Man 9, and now 10, has. You're not trying. Real gutsy move. Give the fanboys what they want. Screw innovation--just go back to the old 2D ways. Its things like this that lead the Barry fans not to shut up for twenty years about bringing him back and taking the Flash title from Wally. And it worked! I'm not going to pretend like I'm not excited about Geoff Johns writing Flash, and I like Rebirth but I totally understand how Mark Waid feels, and steps backward like this just aren't healthy.

The problem, for Sonic, is that nobody cares. The same guy has been doing Mario for years, and each time they come out they're completely different but people LOVE them. Its like what Square tries with Final Fantasy. (Except it works.)

I don't know, I guess I just thought the idea of going back to 2D when you had three dimensions to work with was creatively bankrupt. But apparently I'm full of it, 'cause they're doing it and everyone's hyped.