7 Thoughts About Uchuu Sentai Kyuuranger Episode 17: "Light Up The Dark Dome!"

I'm technically three weeks behind, but since this week we didn't get an episode that leaves me only two episodes behind, so let's knock those out before 19 comes out next weekend. 

1.) We kick things off as usual on the Kyuranger's ship, as they discuss their plans following the devastating loss of Champ in last week's episode when they fought Stinger's brother.  Garu, eager to recover the third Kyu Globe they need in order to take down Jark Matter once and for all, ends up getting into it with Best Kyuranger Balance about his nonchalante attitude towards their quest.

The thing to remember here is that Balance is a lot smarter than he appears to be, and a lot older than he acts, and that comes into play later....

2.) ...And by later, I mean, minutes after the opening credits.  The team finds themselves up against a new threat that has sealed an entire city off, creating an artificial sun that lasts for 22 hours a day, only allowing them to sleep when it goes down.  The group questions why they don't simply fight back, only to learn that there's an "invisible" threat that attacks whenever dissent is even mentioned.

With the Kyuranger knocked, Team Rocket-style, into different locations, Garu and Balance wind up in the local trash dump.  Garu rushes off to discover a way to fight back, while Balance decides to rest for a while in the garbage.   ....Or, y'know...use his natural inclination towards machines to hack into the town's security systems and monitor everything for intel.   It's sneaky, but then you remember that Balance is still a treasure thief, and intel was at one point the most important part of his job.

Sidenote: That's actually a pretty biting insult, Garu.  Considering the second half of the episode features team insulting the villain of the week by saying his mama was fat, I'm surprised he managed to think of this.

3.)  Spoiler: Lucky is, in fact, right about this particular Malistrate.   Known as Shadoiws, he has the ability to attack from (surprise!) people's shadows.  The very fact that he gets multiple shots at the Kyuranger and fails to do more than annoy them and give Lucky a few bruises is proof that he's not all that strong.   Though I do wonder how a guy who's apparently present in all shadows at all times was even able to be attacked at all.

As for Lucky, his ridiculous levels of luck are balanced once again this episode, as his inability to not trash talk his villains leaves him getting knocked all across the city for the majority of the episode.  

4.) Kyu Globe Update: This week's Kyu Globe was the Shining Kyu Globe, which...was apparently a complete mystery to both Xiao and the Resistance, because no one knew what it did until Lucky actually used it. 

Something I suspect we won't see very frequently at all, the Shining Kyu Globe grants its user with two separate forms: the Sun Form which grants its user a mean case of bedhead and allows it to shine light everywhere...

5.)  ....And Moon Form, which looks like someone stabbed the user with a cartoon crescent moon.  Fortunately, the Sun Form granted Balance a massive boost in power, while the Moon Form did the same for Garu...and made both Lucky and Garu into stereotypical moody/"serious" heroes. 

It makes sense: a wolf would naturally be enhanced by lunar energy, while Balance is most likely solar powered.   And basically once the heroes figure out Shaidows' trick, he's a punching bag that just gets obliterated by the combined efforts of Lucky, Balance, and Garu.   Fortunately, there are still real villains for them to face...

6.) Like diabolical triple-crosser and Killer of Friendly Justice 'Bots, Scorpio, and the weirdly subservient Madaako.  With someone finally aware of the team's plan, Scorpio specifically sends his lieutenant to steal the Kyu Globe and stop the team from being able to find the legendary ship, the Argo. 

Hopefully Scorpio can stick around at least a little longer, because things really have been largely a cakewalk for the team for quite some time now.

7.) Next Week: The Dekaranger and Space Sheriff Gavan make an appearance!  The coolest thing about this newest era of Toei is that they're not afraid to pay stars to return for crossovers that make all the sense in the world.   We're doing a show about ninjas?  We should probably let some of the older ninja heroes show up.   Doing a show about space heroes?  Wait, don't we have space cops--maybe some of our viewers would be curious about what they're up to since a massive space mafia has conquered the galaxy.

It doesn't have to be a lot of continuity, but just a little kind of ties things together and makes the bigger crossovers (the VS. series and Super Hero Wars and whatnot) feel even more impactful.  


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