5 Thoughts About Supergirl: "Mr. and Mrs. Mxyzptlk"

The biggest boost in personal geek cred I've had lately is realizing that I can spell "Mxyzptlk" without having to Google it first.

1.) This definitely should've come out last week.  There's THREE different romance scenes that literally wrap up back to back in the last eight minutes or so of the episode, and it all just felt like too much.  It's only been a week since Valentine's Day, but I'm honestly ready for everyone to start punching everyone else again.  It could be because it seems like they're trying to juggle too many relationships, but...man, they're trying to juggle too many relationships. 

2.)  The Valentine's Day stuff got a little ridiculous in more ways than one.  Early in the episode J'onn's trying to send M'gann a V-Day message?  I get that they were trying to set up how Kara would beat Mxyzptlk later, but...there's literally no reason why that holiday would have any meaning on a completely different planet.  There had to be a better way to write that.

3.)  There was so much V-Day relationship-y stuff that even Wynn got in on the action! Wynn got over his obsession with Kara a long time ago and it's nice to see him finally enter a (hopefully) healthy relationship.  Now hopefully they don't forget about Lyra and never show her again.  Especially since she seemed like such a spitfire, actually rescuing Wynn from getting his ass kicked at the alien bar and potentially eaten (!) by a pair of guys who look like they came right out of the Cantina scene I'm assuming is in Episode VIII.

4.) I'd say I didn't expect a lesson in male hubris, but...honestly the moment Mxyzptlk popped up I knew where things were going.  Cringe levels got kinda high with this episode a few times--its creepy having this magical being literally capable of altering reality following Kara around with these really shallow attempts of wooing her into marrying him.   But even more cringey was Mon-El being so threatened by Mxy--you'd think after weeks of being around her he'd have realized she wouldn't go for a guy who's all but trying to force her to marry him.  

5.) A vegan who hates Valentine's Day because she thinks it's a "greeting card holiday for sheep"?  Man, Maggie was very much treading into the territory of being one of those people before they looped her problems with V-Day back around into her struggle as a queer character.  She went from "annoying" to relatable again almost immediately after telling a story of how she was outed by her best friend in high school.  She assumed her friend shared the same feelings she did and left a note asking her to a dance, only to have the girl tell on her to her parents...who eventually told Maggie's parents...which led to her being kicked out.   It's pretty dark for this show, but it's also the kind of realism you need to balance out this series' relentless optimism. 


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