CW-verse Supergirl: Survivors

Cocky with a nonchalante disdain that isn't her, Roulette is the perfect foil for Supergirl

"Survivors" balanced a story between our two primary alien characters dealing with coming into contact with aliens all too similar to themselves--with J'onn J'onzz it's a fellow martian, and with Supergirl it's Mon-El, while also having to deal with lesser-known illegal fight club organizer Roulette after finding the dead body of an alien who lost their life in one of the battles.

To begin with, if it was supposed to be a secret which CW DC character would wind up revealing themselves to be gay, then they probably shouldn't have shown Alex giving such longing glances at new detective Maggie Sawyer.  I'll admit that could be the excited fanboy in me, but they do have an undeniable chemistry and they looked sweet together going undercover at Roulette's shady nightclub.

Talking Roulette, so far she's been the most impressive villain I've all season, from any of these shows.  She's basically Lex Luthor without all the irrational hatred--she's rich, manipulative, doesn't care about anyone other than herself, and the disregard with which she treats aliens makes her a pretty great themed villain that stands head and shoulders above your standard CW villain--I'd love to see her again this season.

Concerning the aliens, I think Mon-El has grown on me with this episode.  I'm a little bummed that the Kryptonians seem to be mostly correct concerning their opinions on Daxamites, but Mon-El seems to be an overall decent fellow--once a part of Daxam's security detail and personally serving their prince, Mon-El was sent to Earth in lieu of the prince who believed it would be better to die with his people while Mon lived on.  It's a weird origin to be sure, but nothing that ruins the character and it helps with the idea that he wants to save people.  Though really, after losing an ENTIRE PLANET and gaining superpowers you really can only save the planet or wreck it, and since the show makes it clear he'd get wrecked by Kara (nevermind Kara AND Clark) he's really only got one viable option.

Miss Martian on the other's definitely a unique portrayal of her character.  This version of Mars wasn't destroyed by any meddling but rather civil war between the green and white martians, which as a result has made Megan a much harder, cynical character focused on survival over anything else.  There's certainly still a kernel of the character in there--she's still a White Martian pretending to be Green, and there's absolutely a conscience in her somewhere deep down--but all that's buried behind the fact that she betrayed J'onn, the last member of a race of people her own people basically committed genocide on, within a few days after meeting him.  It's not the worst thing anyone on a CW series has ever done, but she's not terribly endearing just yet--hopefully they do something about that in these next few weeks.  Y'know, as soon as J'onn gets over the fact that she's technically one of his mortal enemies.


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