Anime Weeklies: Dragon Ball Super

This Vegeta pic is my reaction to most Dragon Ball Super episodes: slightly annoyed indifference.

The good side to Dragon Ball Super, lately: Vegeta punching everything in its stupid face.

The bad side to Dragon Ball Super, lately: ...EVERYTHING ELSE. 

Zamasu and Goku Black are basically villain versions of Boring Invincible Protagonists.  At a certain point, it's not even realistic to see the heroes triumph when the villains keep coming up with more powerful techniques that they're asspulling seemingly from NOWHERE.  This episode featured Goku Black literally slicing a hole in reality itself and from that hole sprouted Majin Buu-esque clouds that would form into wannabe Goku Blacks.  Where'd he get this technique?  According to him, the "depths of his anger".   This is only marginally better than when Hit was inexplicably using his technique at better and better levels because "he'd never wanted to before". 

And this is before you get to the fact that at this point, Goku is the fucking worst.  He took a day to master the Demon Capture Wave--Goku, the fighting genius who learned Kamehameha IMMEDIATELY after Master Roshi showed it off--while it took Trunks presumably LESS than five minutes.  Then he couldn't even be bothered to remember the seal that would keep Zamasu actually captured. this real life?   This oh-so-serious plot is being furthered along by a comedic development?

The manga, by the way, isn't as far along in this plot but has already made FAR more sense--with Goku Black's god-killing being made a much bigger deal of there than in the anime.  They in fact specifically point out that a dickwad like Goku Black running around purposely wiping out all sentient life is a job for the god of destruction to handle, and that there isn't one because the Kaioshin was killed and thus Beerus was taken out as well.  Is this where we're at?  Where I'm championing Akira Toriyama's stories? 

The episode ends with Goku Black and Zamasu fusing, and I'm reminded of a second "good" thing from DB Super: the callbacks.  Call backs in Dragon Ball Z are rare, but they're always GOOD--the Android Saga, the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and now the Demon Capture Wave and the Potara earrings.  But again, this just brings me back to the Boring Invincible Antagonist thing.  Goku and Vegeta couldn't beat these guys BEFORE, but now that they've been "kinda" challenged, they suddenly fuse and presumably become more invincible than they've ever been?   I'm sorry, but with a plan this rock-solid, I legitimately DON'T want to see Vegeta and Goku eke out a win.  Either Beerus needs to show up and stomp Perfect Zamasu into the pavement, or Zeno pops up and blinks this goof out of existence.


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