Bottom of the Pile: August 3rd, 2016

Crazy behind so I'm gonna shotgun a bunch of stuff.  Articles might be a tad short, but let's go.

For a moment, Tom King almost tricked me into thinking Bats was going to have a pair of super-powered bad-asses helping him out with crime and wasn't going to go with the very obvious "they turn evil" plot.  And to be fair, there's still time for things to turn around and surprise me...but they probably won't.

In all fairness though, I didn't see the plot twist of them actually being decent people only later being brain-washed by Psycho-Pirate.  Speaking of, when you start seeing that guy regularly in the DC Universe, it means reality has recently been altered/is subject to be "de"-altered.   No, I'm totally not bouncing in my seat just thinking about it, why do you ask?

Green Arrow

Kept this because it's probably the coolest two page spread I read all week.  Too bad Canary botches it up by getting captured.  Time-honored tradition or not, I can't help thinking the hero should never survive that.  
Green Lanterns
There's a really important heart-to-heart Lanterns Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz have with one another that's actually fairly well-done and goes a long way towards helping the two of them start getting along together much better than they have, but the thing I want to focus on is this previously thought impossible thing:

An actually likable Guardian of the Universe.  Usually the best they manage is Ganthet, who started making so much sense they actually banished the poor guy and he had to start his own Corps.  Of course, this guy was banished too but since no one even knows where the other Guardians ARE, he might be the only one left...something I'm actually more than okay with.  It's past time for the Guardians to start making themselves useful to their Corps rather than being a burden.

Also, Rebirth Watch: Yet another cosmically-powered being has noticed "someone has messed with time and space".  Coincidence?   Well, hopefully not.

Invincible Iron Man
Okay, so all complaints about how goofy it is to have Riri take Iron Man's identity when she should totally have her own aside?   It's already too late, 'cause I'm already in love and want her to show up in her own bad-ass armor and wreck everybody.  

And that's before Tony teaches her the tricks of how to work a suit of armor.   So...yeah.  I'm all for her new comic.  (But fuck Doctor Doom.  I don't know who told Marvel fans of Tony Stark would rather read a book about Victor Von Doom, but I'm not contributing to that foolishness.)


Y'know, I never thought Batman actually dropped criminals from buildings.  Mattress or not, I'm absolutely certain that dude will never walk right again.

 Squadron Supreme

It's insane how they keep repeating things like "time is broken" whilst being completely, utterly aware of things like this, and yet despite just having the biggest scale event possible they still continue to just hop about through time like it just doesn't matter.

If you guessed this encounter would end with Optimus outright beheading Galvatron and leaving said head on the White House front lawn while uttering the phrase "freedom is the right of all sentient beings", either wrote this or you're a fucking psychic, lol. 

But this issue definitely sets up for the upcoming event Revolution and Optimus Prime's solo comic.  

Uncanny X-Men
*sighs*  The dangers of boomerang plot.  No matter how many times writers try to get rid of it with finality, it always seems to come back.


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