2014 Favorites: Music Part 2

Yeah, this took a lot longer to get back to than I wanted.  But here's the next nine.

Ab-Soul ft. Nikki Jean and Lupe Fiasco - World Runners

Ab-Soul's These Days... didn't make the waves Oxymoron did, but it still had a lot of noteworthy tracks like this one, which helped put Lupe back on my mental map.

Rittz - Turn Down
I'm not sure how an anthem devoted to turning down can make one want to turn up so much, but Rittz figured that out.  Using his signature flow and ridiculous ability to put together catchy hooks, this song was one of my favorites off his sophomore album, Next to Nothing.

Big Sean ft. E-40 - I Don't Fuck With You

Big Sean released the ultimate post break-up song, and in the process probably put a ton of people on the lookout for his next album.  If it can live up to this, it'll be contending with some of the other heavy hitters for a top spot.  

Schoolboy Q ft. BJ the Chicago Kid - Studio

Rappers crooning is a fact of life now, but I appreciate Schoolboy for bringing BJ to bless this song's chorus and break up the monotony.  Also for giving us probably one of the better R&B songs of 2014.  (Yeah, that's how bad R&B has gotten.)

Eminem - Fine Line

ShadyXV wasn't a wash, but it probably wasn't the grand return Em fans were hoping for.  Still, this track, where an older, wiser Shady reminisced over his life and career over a self-made beat, was a gem.

Big KRIT - King of the South

Cadillactica is probably my favorite hip-hop album of 2014, and King of the South has a lot to do with that.  Unabashedly Southern, KRIT does Mississippi proud by savagely murdering this song's beat.

Seen It All - Young Jeezy feat. Jay Z

One of those, "it has to grow on you" songs for me.  I was never a Jeezy fan, but this is one dope boy tale that goes too hard to deny.

Lupe Fiasco ft. Billy Blue - Pu$$y 

I saw some people turn their nose at this, and between the chorus and the title I can kinda see why.  But look past all that and you have Lupe Fiasco displaying some of the most impressive lyrical ability I saw all year.   That second verse single-handedly restored my faith in his ability and got me hype for this year's Tetsuo and Youth.

Future ft. Pusha T and Pharrell - Move that Dope

After creating the catchiest song ever in 2013 and teaming up with the likes of Justin Timberlake and Daft Punk to create a great pop album in 2014, the last place you'd expect to see Skateboard P is alongside Pusha-T and Future rapping about moving weight.  And yet, here we are.   And he washed both them cats with his verse, just saying.

Part 3 coming, hopefully sooner than Part 2 lol. 


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