Sage's Stray Thoughts Episode 7

The Zeitgeist is Real:  At least in comic books.   For roughly ten years or so Marvel and DC have had strange experiences where all their creations are mirror images of one another.   Civil War?   DC says, "What a coincidence, our heroes are fighting each other too."   You're killing Batman?   Wow, we just killed Captain America.   The Day Evil Won?   Yeah, the bad guys somehow took over in our world too.   

And so now we come upon "Convergence" and Marvel Secret Wars, the latest in a long line of "mirrored events".    I feel like I should criticize them for it, but the inner, multiverse-loving child in me can't stop squeeing long enough for me to collect my thoughts to do that.   I mean, DC One Million is in this!   So long as they don't pointlessly wipe them out, it's impossible for me to hate Convergence now--that's my ideal, ultimate future for the DC Universe. (Heroism Eternal.)

Even in the case of Secret Wars--like I said, I trust Jonathan Hickman to create something worth reading after the damned fantastic job he's done with the Avengers over the past two years.  

The only real problem comes when DC has to explain why all these worlds that some people will undoubtedly prefer over the New 52 can't come back....

Had to wait the whole Direct:   It was worth it, though.   This game (facial expressions aside) looks absolutely stunning.   They haven't even made a big deal of the giant robots--they're so busy showing off the massive, varied environments.  One of the most accurate comments I saw concerning this footage was that it looks like it comes from three different games, in a good way.  Alongside it's prettier cousin, Final Fantasy XV, I'm glad big-budget J-RPGs aren't going down without a fight. 

 The title's confirmed for a Spring 2015 release in Japan, but localization is going to hold it up a bit more so it probably won't hit America until Q3 or 4--still quick enough to become one of the many reasons why 2015 is going to suck for my wallet.


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