Battle Rap Wednesdays: Real Deal vs. B Magic

Saw this a few weeks ago.  Real Deal is not to be fucked with.  It's not a bodybag, but it is a 3-0 because Real Deal definitely edged all 3 rounds.   According to B Magic the reason the guy hasn't been on more Smack cards is because basically everybody else is afraid of him.

...I can believe that.  A lot of battlers (from any league really) would get murdered up against this guy. 

If you're wondering why I haven't posted any newer battles, its because the year's been slow as shit, and aside from the King Juice battles that have notoriously shitty audio, there haven't been any battles I think are worth posting.

Yet.  Battles to look forward to, along with maybe a bit more commentary because you can find these battles anywhere if you know what you're doing:

JC vs. Caustic
Charlie Clips vs Hollahan
Real Deal vs. Tony D
JC vs. O-Red
AyeVerb vs. Arsonal
Hollow Da Don vs.  ...Whoever he facing, that shit should be hilarious

None of these have actually happened yet, they're just supposed to happen over the next 3-4 months so they're all something to look forward to.  They're all definitely going to be on this site unless both parties phone in a performance instead of bringing the heat.  Also, potentially, Goodz vs. X-Factor if I'm impressed by it--it kinda depends. 

But until most of these go down, expect a lot of older battles from 2007-2011 to get posted.  This is the most consistent column I got on JiH, so I try not to fuck it up (too often).


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