Monday, January 18, 2010

Song of the Week: DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince: Girlie Had a Mustache

So many these days aren't up on their hip-hop history. Before Hancock, MiB, or even Indepedence Day, Will Smith was on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Before THAT? He WAS The Fresh Prince, kicking rhymes with the dope DJ Jazzy Jeff. The two released four solid albums. They weren't gangsta. They weren't conscious. But they were funny, and I'm down with that.

The Girlie Had a Mustache ain't the funniest cut they have, but, you can't deny its humor.

Music Video of the Week: Kamiki Aya w/Tatsuya - W-B-X ~ W-Boiled Extreme ~

Late with the video of the week this time. Still. Its up, and its Toku-related again. This time its Kamen Rider W's OP's Promotional Vid.

At some point I'll express my ridiculous level of love for Kamen Rider W, but for now enjoy the vid. (With the show's actors--Seiji Takaiwa included--as guests!)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Song of the Week: Nana Mizuki - Brave Phoenix

Nana Mizuki for the win. I've been getting into Nanoha lately along with a friend of mine, and its been absolutely amazing.

A universe where people actually LISTEN to me when I tell them not to do something stupid? It was eerie at first.

Seriously though, words cannot express just how much I love the Nanoha universe...but sometime in the near future I'll be talking about it anyway. In the meantime...

Music Video of the Week: m-flo loves Emi Hinouchi & Ryohei: Summer Time Love

Man, I love me some m-flo. I love 'em so much, even though its nothing LIKE summer (unless you live in Miami), I'm hooking you up with this m-flo, melody. & Ryohei collab. Think warm thoughts. :D

If that doesn't work, well...Emi's beauty should take your mind off the cold.

For the record, Ryohei has one of the smoothest voices East or West, no joke. His first album, Take Over is one of my favorite music albums, on some Quiet Storm ish, heh.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Code Geass Season 3

The power of Zero returns! Everyone's favorite beamspam mecha melodrama has come back for a new series. Who's excited?

So here's the thing. I'm not really a fan of Code Geass. Obviously I was at one point, but then I actually finished R2,

Warning: This will be spoiler-filled. I'm saying this now, so you can leave if you've not watched CG, but intend to.

The entire series wholly fell apart in R2. I didn't mind so much the beamspam mecha (never do--kiddies, giant robots will NEVER BE REAL, so stop fapping over grunt suits), but the plot made my head hurt.

In Season 1, Lelouch was a mad genius. Facing overwhelming odds and trying to beat a kingdom that had conquered most of the planet with only a ragtag band of resistance troops who, before he'd met them, were bound for nothing more than fast trips to the graveyard, that over the course of the series he managed to whip them into shape and create a unique militia force that very nearly won back the country of Japan.

The series was filled with plot twists that would make you fall right out of your seat and a web of threads that you just KNEW were going some place awesome, creating a modern-day classic of a mecha series.

And then along comes R2, which took everything great about the first season and knocked it around until what was left was a pretentious mess.

...In truth, the series went off the rails somewhere around Season 1, episode 19. At least, that's my opinion. When they killed off Euphemia in the most headDESK moment in anime of the decade. Lelouch "just happens" to have his "use when I want to" magic power go out of control RIGHT when he looks at Euphemia and happens to give the command, "Go kill all Elevens".

...REALLY? That was the BEST you had? One of the most ridiculous unfortunate set of circumstances this side of a harem anime? *sighs* You're bumming me out here, CG!

I can see how they might have felt this as necessary, since her actions had basically painted Lelouch into a corner. But there were so many OTHER ways to get out of it. Any Britannian assassin could have taken out Euphemia, or even a rogue member of the Black Knights could have done it. The only thing it accomplished by occurring the way it did was make Lelouch into an unlikeable jerk. Even the hatred Suzaku had for Lelouch after that point wasn't really a necessary plotpoint, given that eventually they would be on the same side anyway, and they were already opposing forces. (I'll come back to this.)

Ideally, Euphemia's death (which, if one has no problems with the events up to that point, one must agree is necessary or else the plot can no longer progress) would've been from someone within the Britannian forces. Maybe someone with Geass, maybe someone else with a grudge against the Britannia family. Doesn't matter. The end result should have been the same: a mass murder of Elevens, sparking a full on revolution. The difference in the progression should've been in Suzaku. At that point he should've still been told of whoever murdered Euphemia, sparking instead a hatred/dislike for the Britannian army and leading to him siding with Zero in the revolution to take over Japan.

The REAL ending of Code Geass S1 should have been Lelouch, victorious, and the new Emperor of Japan. Think about it. If successful, he STILL has to defend Japan AND take on the Britannian Empire and defeat it. Still not an easy task.

What we ended up with was Lelouch's rapid descent into madness as he attempted to both deal with what he had done while at the same time leading his army into a revolution when it was still in early stages and meant primarily for guerilla attacks. This SOUNDS interesting, but it isn't. Well, it kind of is because once the event happens that shapes the rest of the series (something with odds so poor its literally mathematically disharmonious), and you stick around for the rest of the story, what follows is sort of a, "there is no other choice than what he did" sort of thing going on. Not a fan personally, but as a writer I cannot argue with it.

The trouble arrives in R2. Season 1 ends on one of the most massive cliffhangers in history. With the Black Knights, Lelouch's army, embroiled in a massive "now or never" battle, Lelouch learns his sister Nunnally has been kidnapped, and abandons his troops to go save her. What he finds is the then-mysterious V.V., and his former friend Suzaku. After the two trade dialogue for awhile (in which Lelouch comes off as the True Villain), Lelouch slaps a bomb onto his chest and threatens to commit suicide and take them all out at once.

Unbeknownst to him, the "ace" of his army (who also happens to be a school friend of his), Kallen, has followed him, and is around to see the secret of Zero.

When R2 begins, nearly everyone has become excited to find out what happens, and we're all hoping for more awesomeness.

...Only to be slapped with what is essentially, an exact parallel of Season 1, only overblown in pretty much every way, from the ingenious plans of Zero (which rely as much on military tactic as they do on intimate knowledge of the human psyche) to the symbolism of the series (WTF Charles??) right down to the fanservice (Kallen in a bunnygirl outfit...nice, but also illogical). And it occurs to such an extent that S2 becomes a parody of S1.

Which might be funny if fans had not become so invested. However we were, so R2 becomes a sad paragon of what happens when Executives get involved because they want their money. R2 pops up and what we get is a lot of stuff that makes NO sense.

Kallen, shocked by the identity of Zero, allows Lelouch to be captured. He's then dragged to the Emperor, who's revealed to possess Geass himself, which gives him the ability to replace one's memory.

To some people, this somehow makes sense. Replacing the memories of a genius that nearly brought down part of your empire with, really, a gang of idiots, and had the potential to take down more is quite a bit more logical than, say...just killing him.

And of course, putting a little brother around him and implanting that in his memories couldn't possibly make him even MORE enraged when he gets free, right?

R2 is obsessed with status quo. They enjoyed the school setting so much that despite REALLY needing to throw it out, they kept it around with a pretty handwave. A cute younger brother is given in place of the cute younger sister so someone can call Lelouch "onii-san", and things pretty much continue precisely the way S1 did but with one key difference.

Lelouch has become made up of massive failure. Upon regaining his memory apparently a fail-safe was included that literally inserted failure into his plans, so where before it was rare that he would lose anything and generally would win through careful planning, he was now pulling off wins that involved things as ridiculous (though amusing) as One Million Zeroes.

I could go on for quite a bit more, but my biggest problem with R2 is that they come to make you not care about the series. Rather than cop to the stupid mistake that led to his entire army being captured, he chooses instead to let suspicions and mistrust grow, leading the Black Knights as a whole to eventually turn on him, while Suzaku, learning of the truth behind Charles, the force behind the Britannian Empire, suddenly switches sides and joins Lelouch after being a gigantic jerk since episode 2.

With a show whose focus relies on its characters just as much as its plot, these were mistakes. Charles' secret plan and the truth behind the death of Lelouch's mother now gone as potential saving plot points (and with them going all hope of the series' story becoming interesting again...), the show is forced to rely on its characters. But when the guy who they've built up for you to hate has become a good guy, while the cast that's been developed for you to love are now traitors, little is left other than apathy.

The show is not without some amazing moments--every scene with Lelouch and Shirley, in BOTH seasons, is amazing. Shirley's death literally made me burst into tears, and every time I think of that line ("No matter how many times I'm reborn...I'll always fall in love with you...") I tear up. And despite CG becoming a very flawed series, that bit of dialogue has got to be my nomination for line of the decade.

And Millay Ashford (yay, my last name!) is one of the most layered characters we saw that year, though depressingly enough nowhere NEAR enough development was given to her.

But these bright points, good as they are, aren't enough to make me feel much towards CG other than pure apathy.

So while I'm sure the announcement of this series has got some people screaming in anger while others are already reciting lines from the initial 52 episodes in hype, all I can do is muster an, "Eh."

Out of lack of more interesting series, I may watch this next series. There are three options:

A.) They go with a prequel of some sort - The series ended rather conclusively, but a prequel dealing with Lelouch before he attained Geass would grab me (the school cast is actually good enough to keep a series of its own).

B.) A "Brotherhood"/Code Geass Kai: What REALLY has the best chance of yanking me to the series again is if they left the Director alone and allowed him to show his initial vision for the series, which would include things like the True Origin of Geass, Suzaku gaining Geass power, and so on.

C.) A third series, if they could explain how Lelouch is back and for what. This one will lose me in five episodes. No joke.

Until more info comes in however, there's no true need to say anymore so I'm off to bed.

I'll be adding more updates to the site over the weekend hopefully. Like I said--put this on your RSS feed.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Music Video of the Week - Toku MV - I Will Not Lose

JiH's MV of the Day is back, though altered. We're kicking it off real early in 2010, as I bring you a random video I managed to catch while visiting a H.O.N.'s forum.

Not really sure if its due to the fact that the rise of AMVs/Youtube occurred during the 56k years, or if they picked boring anime, but I never cared for AMVs. My other friends who're into anime got into rock by watching them, but as I was already into rock music, that wasn't the draw they believed it was.

This particular TMV is for the Toku Heroes of 2009. That makes it especially peculiar since, by and large, Toku in 2009 sucked. I came to truly dislike Decade for reasons I haven't decided whether or not to discuss here, I thought Dragon Knight was silly and if Power Rangers wants to pull me in, going Darker and Edgier is NOT the way to pull that off. (Its not more mature. Its what people who believe they're mature do.) The two series I DID like, Shinkenger & W, were fantastic--but W started so late in the year we didn't get enough of it.

So how DID this manage to nab MV today? Well, watching it I learned something. Dave Chapelle once said, "Nearly everything looks better in slow motion". He was right. So here's something else for you: "Nearly everything looks cooler perfectly timed to a rock song."

Don't believe me?

C'mon Son. They made Tsukasa getting off his BIKE look cool. Even the RPM scenes looked so sweet, I would gladly watch the whole freaking thing if they set it all to music like this. (Though to be fair, the main scene there is RPM Red finishing off whatever the PR name of Yogostein is, and that was awesome in can't be messed up.)

Unfortunately, 2010 will be a much more conservative year for Toku, with only Kamen Rider W, Tensou Sentai Goseiger, and W's successor. Well, Tomica Rescue Force Aqua and hopefully Rayforce too, so we'll see. Anyway. Watch this twice. You know you want to.

'10 Sentai Wishlist: Ten Things I Want To See From Sentai 2010-2019

Sigh. '10 Sentai reads just plain poorly. That said, can anyone think of a better term to describe the 2010-2019 decade? If you can, please tell me what it is. I'll edit any future articles to swap out the relevant words.

*sighs* I digress. With Feburary just weeks off, and Samurai Sentai Shinkenger just about over, images and information for the next show has started slipping out in magazines and such. The new series will be known as Tensou Sentai Goseiger, and though we've yet to see images featuring the main villain group, the actors playing the characters, or the scale-size robo, there's still quite a bit to look at.

...To be totally fair, I don't so much mind the costumes. They're reminiscent of 1983's Kagaku Sentai Dynaman, and while they're not nearly as well thought-out or cool as the Shinkengers, they're pretty cool anyway. That pose, though....I have to say, poses are usually somewhat of a big deal for me. There are tropes present in Sentai like in most forms of media, and I've grown used to most of them, even to the extent of liking them. But the poses kind of take me out of the action normally, with the exception of certain series like Shinkenger, and this one is definitely back to normal. What are they supposed to be, band members?

Then there's the weapons. Last year's series being sword-focused, I kind of missed the blasters so I'm glad to see those again, and the design isn't even that bad. The individual weapons are just a tad gaudy, but that may just be from afar and they could look far better upclose. Also admittedly, it would have been nice to see more grunts looking like Nanashi Renchuu, which look threatening in and of themselves without any MOTW, but they were always the exception rather than the rule, so I can live with these.

With the mech missing, the only thing I can really comment on is their change devices.

...WTF. A giant tiki head? For God's sake, why? It wouldn't be so bad if they were just meant to be simple henshin devices. They change over, boom, done. You see it once or twice an episode for two seconds. But no, they've made this one into a card-using Sentai.

For the record, I love cards in Toku. Provides a wide variety of attacks and abilities. While Ryuki was sort of a failure (cards seemed to appear out of nowhere), Blade used them to great effect without making the series feel too toyetic. When I first heard about Goseiger being a card-based Sentai, I was pretty excited. Later they would announce the head writer as being the person who does Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, and I was almost positive 2010 Sentai would be just as good as Shinkenger, at the least.

...And then I saw this ridiculous changer, which not only looks poorly made, but poorly thought out. There's no way this could be simple to use in battle. Its even worse than Faiz's belt in the early episodes, which had more parts than a 1/144 Gundam model.

I'm not making more comments than this about Goseiger until I actually see it, but I confess Goseiger doesn't seem like the series that will start the Sentai renaissance now that its really annoying little brother is out of the picture.

However, it IS a new decade. Things always change up a bit in each new decade. With the 80's came the mecha, the 90's the Sixth Senshi, and combining robos, and with the 00's...apparently just more combining robos and more rangers. I'd blame Power Rangers, but until Sentai noticeably improves, I'd just be making myself look stupid.

In any case, though Sentai is known for its rigid formula, and generally changes are rather gradual, this doesn't stop me, from having my own wishlist of things to see from Sentai for the next ten years.

1.) A female Red: Okay, let's start off nice and simple. Sentai got the first Red ranger in its 33 year history with Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (Power Rangers was NOT first. Whoever she was, she was a villain, so who gives a fuck. I'm not a big PR fan anymore, but I would've given them this if they'd really DONE it.), as True ShinkenRed makes her appearance in episode 44. But aside from this being quite the boring plot twist (Takeru is a much less original character if he's not the true Lord of the Shiba clan), she's not the main Red. He's the guy we've been seeing for over forty episodes. Still, this is much closer than we've ever been before. Goseiger is probably shooting as we speak, so its much too late for them to go for a main female Red this year. They've got to gauge fan reaction and toy sales first. (That means, if she's a really annoying character and fan reaction is poor, it'll set us back. I believe we would have had a female Red in the last decade if the Japanese hadn't hated Timeranger so much.) But if she takes off, I fully expect Sentai to run with that and set us up with a female Red in 2011. What I DON'T want to see is a male Pink. Its a Double Standard, yes. I'm sorry, but, Women Can Wear Pants, Men Can't Wear Dresses.

2.) Stylish mecha: C'mon man. I nearly had my cousin into Toku after he saw Shinkenger episode 1. Then he saw those pathetic Origami and he lost interest. The 90's was FILLED with great robos. Daizyujin all the way up to 1999's Grand Liner. Even 2000 had a few good robos. Things didn't start to truly fall off until you introduced Go-Onger's Engine G6. Whoever designed these last three years (Goseiger included) worth of robos has got to go. Either he's been around a long time and fell off, or he's new and sucks. Either way, dude's gotta go. The designs lately have been so ridiculous you wonder if the designer isn't making a fool out of Toei and Sentai fans by seeing just how much money people will waste on poorly designed pieces of plastic.

And its inexcusable. C'mon, the toymakers are freaking BANDAI! That means somewhere in the same freaking building you have...*breaths deeply*....THE PEOPLE WHO DESIGN THE FUCKING GUNDAMS!!!!!! C'mon man. Sunrise gets Gundam Exia....

...while Toei is handed Samurai Ha-Oh.

I don't get it.

While we're on the subject, I'd love to see the gattai robo not appear in the front of the series. Instead, I'd rather each individual member piloted their own transforming robot, with a gattai mecha coming in later being the second robo. And bring back carrier mecha! Not the weak ones from Abarenger--the ones of Zyuranger & Dairanger fame--that somehow fit all the others in or on it.

3.) Return of vehicles: There's just so many times I can look at lions and tigers and gorillas and think "Awesome", and I believe I hit my limit. And mythic monsters either. Dragons, Phoenixes, Griffiths...we've done that too. We'll see them again, but I've had my fill for awhile. Let's have a few years of vehicles in Sentai again. Speaking of:

4.) Talking vehicle mecha: We've seen talking mecha twice to my knowledge. Abaranger and Go-Onger. One is beloved by most and seen as the last truly quality Sentai series...and the other has guys with gas pump swords. I actually LIKE talking mecha--it brings more of a personality to the series, and makes the bond between Senshi and mecha far deeper. I'm all for emotional depth, but again, I'm sort of sick of animals, talking or otherwise. So I want talking cars, planes, and such this time--and NO, Go-Onger doesn't count. Its half vehicle, half-animal. No doberman police cars next time--just a police car will do.

5.) A Return of the Evil Sixth: Its been too easy lately for the Senshi. ...Don't believe I just said that, but hey. Its true. After Abarekiller I think the writers gave up on the evil sixth since they didn't think they could top one who was the True Villain for the series. (Technically Rio would come along and take his shot, and almost made it too, but its the same problem: He was the bad guy too long.) Since that time, we've been given these sweet, nice sixths who pop up and give out hugs and candy to the core team while they show off their super awesome "extra ranger" powers. Dekamaster, DekaBreak, MagiShine, BoukenSilver, GekiViolet, GekiCHopper, Go-On Wings, and ShinkenGold. Most of them were great characters, but where's the challenge? Whatever happened to the days of GaoSilver and the Gouraijer? The sixth needs to return to being the ultimate Third Option. You've got the good guys, you've got the bad guys, and then out of nowhere comes the sixth who's a force of nature unto himself, striking down EVERYBODY with no mercy. The sixth should be a force of nature that everyone respects or fears. Not, permanently evil because then you've got Abarekiller again, but for a good 5-7 episodes, definitely.

6.) Red Versus Sixth: Antagonist Sixths are missed. There's also nothing like seeing a Red face down a sixth. Genta being a Hero from the start is great, but the story lost quite a bit with him not being an antagonist at first. Takeru is SO hardcore, he REALLY needed someone to challenge him and only him for a nice character arc that would have developed him AND the sixth at the same time, and Juuzou couldn't pull that off. I don't champion Power Rangers anymore, but nevertheless there's nothing like that Green With Evil mini-series MMPR did back in the day between Jason and Tommy. THAT'S how its done. I said before sixth should be a force of nature, and he should. But, don't make Red a leader for nothing. The antagonist sixth should force the Red should become better, stronger, and think smarter. Once the whole arc is over, the team should be stronger for it, with a better leader and a new member. But let them earn that.

7.) Fold Everything Into The Series: Putting my cards on the table. I like the toys. And I don't care if you give the team new weapons/toys every episode. Weapons, mecha, some kind of vehicles...whatever. Don't care. Just make sure it all fits into the plotline. An example of this is Gingaman. Their individual weapons (a staple of each team since the 80's) turned out to be long-lost artifacts stolen by the villains' weapons collector, and they spent an entire episode trying to get them back. They would come into play a short while later when their mecha (which, to that point, had a very kaiju-ish look) sacrificed themselves to save a city and needed to be recreated to be used again, which would allow them to gattai to create Gingaioh.

As my cousin would put it, I likeded that. Gekiranger would go on to do something similar, folding the team's individual weapons into the plot as it went along (not so much the power-ups, but eh...). Design all the toys you're going to have for the full year in pre-planning, and work them into the plotline.

8.) Return of the Power-Ups: Power Rangers managed to add one toy to the series that everyone except the 80's Sentai fans (who still think more than two robo mecha is overkill) love: The Battilzer. The Sentai writers loved it so much that right after its introduction in Power Rangers in Space, they would create their own for the entire team to use in the Lights of Ginga. It would be several years before they would do it again in Abarenger, but I always appreciated these. SWAT Mode, MagiLegend--one of Sentai's odd points is that the villains seem to get stronger, but the team generally only ever get stronger through Theme Power-Up or Inspirational Speech Power-Ups. This isn't a HUGE problem, because Sentai's great at this, and its why most fans tune in every year.

...Occasionally however, it can hurt a if used too often. This is where the power-up comes in. Gaoranger could've been far better if they'd received power-ups sometime in the mid-30's/late 40's, instead of having them continuously get stomped by a number of primary villains at once only to win each time anyway. If the power-up becomes too much of a problem, simply make explanations for why they can't be used often. Ultraman fights for three freaking minutes--there's no reason why Sentai power-ups should be better. While Power-Ups are certainly fun--they provide shiny new costumes, and logical reasoning for the heroes to beat the villain despite really doing nothing new tactically--but if you aren't careful, you end up with "KaGeki", an "invincible" power-up which had never been discovered even in practitioners of GekiJyuKen who existed for millenia...and still gets surpassed no more than 10 episodes later when the villain finds his own transformed mode.

Now, there are several ways to go about this. You can give a power-up to the entire team, which enforces the teamwork ideal Sentai supposedly exists to show off (Abare Mode, SWAT, MagiLegend).

Or you can give one to the Red to drive home the fact that he's the leader (AbareMax).

But whatever you do...please. No more Accel Tector/Inroumaru power-ups. There's just something lacking in the fact that it can't be used by the entire team at once, but can be traded between them like a blunt. ("Pass me the power up, it was MY focus episode!")

The other thing I suggest is that, if you're going to give the Red a power-up, give the Sixth something too. The sixth should always be a force of nature, and simply because you're making the Red seem cooler doesn't mean your extra Senshi has to lose out.

9.) Better Focus On The Overall Cast: We all love Red. Generally the leader, and (when someone REALLY does their job) one of the coolest characters, the series always focuses really heavily on the Red. Which is cool,'ve got other members on the team. I'd love to see a series that, even if it DOES focus on the Red, does so doing the show through his viewpoint. This entire article? Came from my having an idea of wanting to see a Sentai series where the Red was our only character at first, and he had to slowly win over Blue, Black, Pink, and Yellow. Some through fights, others through contests, and others still through other means. This keeps Red as the focus while also developing the cast as well.

10.) New themes: Dinos, Ninja, Martial Arts. Y'know, it wouldn't be so bad if they reused themes from the 80's for the first Sentai of this millenia. But to use themes from only ten years prior? Its somewhat reminiscent of how during the Silver Age at DC, they would re-use plots every so often because they estimated that kids would grow out of it after four years and you'd be dealing with ones that were new to the series and thus, could be told the same sorts of stories. It appears to be the same with Sentai, particularly given the target audience is 3-5.

That said, you do anniversaries every year; so why repeat things if you're acknowledging the continuity. Sentai needs an infusion of newer themes. Just having an older theme would work for me--Changeman's military theme, for one (I'd like a series of fighter pilots, personally). But there are themes yet undone. A series centered around pure elements--like, they're literally human personifications of certain elements. A series of monster senshi that fight back against their own friends and family while trying to protect the human world. A Knight Sentai. That's three ideas I thought up, the second one being incredibly solid, and they don't even pay me for this. Professional writers could easily come up with enough differing ideas for the central theme to last well past their own careers.

Hm. I think that'll do it for me. Time will tell if we get any of these. I'm certainly hopeful, and I'm not asking for something completely ridiculous like tossing out the mecha entirely, or reversing the gender ratio of the team. (I'd totally watch this if it was Sentai-like and not mahou shoujo. If it were, make it Nanoha inspired.) The truth is, these are quite the fanboy requests as opposed to my asking for something considerably more creative (and interesting), like, setting the stage for this in different time periods, or on Earth-5 or whatever.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Jumping in Headfirst: Year Three

With January here now, this means Jumping in Headfirst is quickly approaching its third year on the web. I'm not entirely sure what that's supposed to mean, besides my being another opinionated arse on the internet, like all the other people with a weblog.

However JiH has changed, and its owner has changed as well. Over 2009, I've added several new columns, a lot of which, sadly, only received 1 or two entries in 2009.

For myself, it was a really big year. I had my fifth relationship crash and burn in amusingly tragic fashion, and though there's quite a bit left to say, any sufficient analysis of the relationship would come off as bitter grapes since it was her that dumped me...that having been said...Jess? I think you were right, and I'm somewhat annoyed at you for being so.

Ah well. Of much more importance than the latest in my "ain't gonna make it" series of relationships, I've moved! After nearly sixteen years of living in the country (trees, deer, and bunnies), I'm now in town. This is a huge deal to me as I've spent a decade and a half nearly completely isolated from the world.

So having shook loose the dead weight (do I mean the house, or the ex? there's the mystery), for this new year I'll be on some brand-new shit like Rhymefest. (...That reminds me...where's El Che, Che? No excuses son. Stop beefing with clowns that are out there getting KO'ed by females at small clubs and get to work.)

As of January 6th I'll be back in school, as a Freshman in college. I didn't really want to attend State, but its really all the same the first year and a half or so no matter where you're at, so I may as well be at home.

I won't lie to you. It will be a little while before I'm acclimated to college--the routine, the courses, the homework, possible...*laughs*...extracurricular activities. (I laugh because I tried that before in HS and failed miserably, but who knows?) However, I'll be doing my best to update this a lot more.

In 2008 my goal was to have a post a week, average. I think I got that, with over a month to spare. This past year I fell far short of that, with my Music/Video of the Day posts not counting since I feel they're like cheating. This year, however, I'm aiming for, at least, 150 posts.

They may not be long. They may not be anything more substantial than geeky stuff, but still! Music Video and Song of the Day articles will be changed. So many of them were retconned in anyhow, its embarassing. They'll now be Music Video of the Week and Song of the Week.

TheLinkUp articles will become weekly and will return, even if I'm only posting a few links each time. I may try to add commentary, though I kinda feel like that's cheating, its a pretty common practice on other sites.

Technically, that leaves me with less than 50 entries to write, but I don't want to just rely on those two articles, so I'll be steadily working my way towards 150 other articles. Some seldom added to columns will be updated, a few totally random articles will appear, and of course my favorites are coming back.

The last change I'll be making to this place is, now that the site has sort of gotten its feet wet, and I've done several dozen articles, I'm going to start showing this to more people, and hopefully generate some traffic. I really didn't want too many people to check it out the first year, the second was more or less just for me really, but with this stepping up, I kinda feel its worth showing off.

All that said, I bid you all a Happy New Year. Have fun, be safe, and don't get TOO wasted. (And have a designated driver. Trust Safety Sage, and find a Straight Edge friend.) I'll see you here again soon. Put this on your RSS feed folks.