Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Project Otaku Powerlevelling: An Update

No, I did not stop Project Otaku Powerlevelling. Despite several setbacks, I continued on and made my way through quite a few series. Unfortunately, I failed.

I did NOT complete all fifty series by the time school started this morning, much as I would've liked to.

I could make excuses. Believe me, I've got a doozy, but--that's not going to change the fact that I only made it through 42 series.

The list was altered heavily to accomodate for changing tastes, lack of links, etc. etc., but I finished a total of 42 series, and time permitting I'll be doing write-ups about those over the school year.

I also have some other projects that I won't get into yet, but I'll be posting up soon.

I apologize for my failure, JiH-ers. There are a few more series I'll finishing, but they won't count towards the finished shows. I'd commit otaku harikari or something, but I'm not sure what that would involve. Slicing up a full-body pillow of Haruhi? ...I'd have done that if I won, though... (An apology will have to do. Later folks.)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Scott Pilgrim: Epic Cubed

WARNING: This isn't all about Scott Pilgrim. Update contains whiny relationship crap, too.

I feel somewhat like a poser, but I hopped on the Scott Pilgrim train yesterday, and thus far, it's been AMAZING.

I had intended to see the movie when I first heard about it, but I didn't think it would be anything special--a decent time-waster, is all. I intended to read the series as well, because who doesn't love to make comparisons--however that didn't work out. (I'll be reading them anyway.)

It was just going to be an end of summer time-waster though, until I saw screens of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World's video game. It was a melange of all those old NES games I played but could only barely remember because I was so young, rendered with beautiful HD sprites. Once I heard that, I knew I had to have it.

I bought it last night, and spent two hours smacking around reporters, bullies, bus drivers and exes to earn the hand of Moderately Cute Indie Girl Ramona Flowers.

Unfortunately, other goals got in the way of finishing the game that night, but I DID get to see the movie today.

O_O Scott Pilgrim versus the World totally blows away the other summer movie I saw (Iron Man 2), along with every other movie I wanted to see this summer. It's everything great about the video game, condensed into an hour and fifty three minutes.

Great acting, hilarious dialogue, EXCELLENT fight scenes, and an all-around joy to sit through.

I was worried after a decidedly negative review popped up on CBR, which claimed Scott Pilgrim was basically another romantic comedy film, just with different trappings.

Bzzt!!! Sorry pretentious and jaded reviewer! You missed the mark! Vanna will give you your complimentary second place prizes, and you can head home--thanks for playing!

Scott Pilgrim's so much more honest than most romantic comedies. With the gorgeous guy who's either a playboy or unaware of just how hot women find him, and the beautiful girl who's been wronged and just looking for a good man. Or worse, the hot girl who's about to get married, the fiance who doesn't appreciate her, and the longtime friend/ex who truly loves her. Who ARE these people? Who knows them? And how do you not strangle them?!

I feel like I actually KNOW the people in Scott Pilgrim. Maybe it's because I live in that world of video game references and indie rock players (or lovers), or maybe it's because what guy HASN'T had to compete with his girlfriend's past ex-boyfriends (who we view as evil)? Not as literally as Scott, perhaps (we hope), but it's impossible not to be in SOME competition.

Highlight to view the whiny parts:

I even had a moment of personal realization. As Scott came to his own realizations about his relationship baggage, I came to my own and realized I had to start actually letting go and quit pretending I've let go.

See, whenever I date a girl, and she dumps me, I'm always really cool about it. Ask any of them (or not)--it's always shocking to them how well I take it. There's no anger, there's...nothing.

The reason is that I always direct the anger inwards. That they left me was always MY personal failure as a boyfriend. I examined my own mistakes, believing I wasn't good enough, and worked harder to improve myself.

Particularly, after a relationship in which part of the reason for the break-up WAS my fault, I really began to hate myself. Partially because subconsciously I knew I was never really at fault before then, but...mostly because I still loved her, and couldn't let go.

I've let the problems build since then. One of my recent relationships was so emotionally destructive, the only reason I can find for staying with her as long as I did was to punish myself for hurting a woman who genuinely cared about me. We were both somewhat emotionally damaged when we started dating, and I thought we could help each other to get better. Only she got (slightly) better, and I only got worse.

At one point I realized the only time I ever heard "I love you" from her was after I did stuff for her, generally letting her complain about her home life. I avoided doing the same around her; it felt like she wasn't listening when I did and we were having separate conversations. It even got to the point where it was awkward telling her I loved her when she would have to go, when all she would say is "Bye".

I wanted to blame myself for that break-up too, but...when you have a slight argument, don't see your significant other for three weeks and when you do, they've slept with someone else and tell you, "I thought we broke up"...that ain't your fault. I almost think I got over her quickly because it hurt to date her.

That was hard to say. So's this; in the interest of letting go of all the relationships I've been in, these are the "it's over" messages I have and they're really for me more than them.

- To girlfriend #1: you were a headache who broke up with me when it was convenient then asked me out when your other interests got sick of you. That was my mistake--I'm okay with that now, though I hope you grew up.

- I cannot figure why you jerked me around the way you did Michelle, but that relationship was ridiculously unhealthy for me to begin with. I'm sure you didn't realize you did it, and that's okay. You're married and happy, and I let go of my anger a while back.

The next three are harder, as they're more recent.

- Echo, I apologize. No matter what you said, when you asked me to pick between you and Traveler, I should've stuck by it. It's obvious now that you did that just for me. Please believe me when I say that once I was dating both of you, the solution of breaking up with one never occurred to me. (I was stupid.) I'm sorry I wasn't better than some of your other boyfriends, but I couldn't be happier you've finally found someone to care for you the way your husband does.

- You were wrong Traveller, and we've been over that. But that's okay. You've been a great friend, and I understand why you couldn't tell me. I apologize for not feeling the same way you feel about me, but I know you can find someone more awesome than me.

- Elle, I apologize for being so frank about our relationship in this, but it's the truth. I hope you're not too angry, and I hope you're happier now.

That was shorter than I thought. Awesome. Back to Scott then. I called it "Epic Cubed" 'cause Scott has an amazing movie, a great video game, and the comics most likely are even better. I loved most of the characters in the movie, and I'm sure they get better development for the comics. This was a project where all involved (movies, games) loved what they were doing, because it shows. Pilgrim's what developers and directors need to look at from now on. Quality sells, and Scott Pilgrim's game and movie are of the finest.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Jumping in Headfirst Podcast #2: San Diego Comic-Con

Episode 2, coming at you! Longer episode this week (80+ minutes). My friends and I delved into what came out of Comic-Con. (We did it the Monday after.) I meant to do my own stuff on Comic-Con first but...that didn't happen. (I'm doing them though.)

In the meantime:

We take on the new Transformers cartoon, Avengers the movie and cartoon, Mega Man Universe, Young Justice, and a LOT of other stuff.

This is like the fifth or so episode we did, and as a result, it's a bit more polished. Less talking over each other, and I'm not super nervous. I think we were pretty funny this time, and I tried to be as informative as possible so my friends could have correct information when they were goofing.

If you enjoy the show, please comment. Podbean ain't cheap, so it's nice to know someone's listening.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Jumping in Headfirst Upcoming...

Unfortunately, I haven't written nearly as many updates as I would've liked for the summer, but stuff's coming. This is both a heads up and a way of pushing myself into doing all these column ideas by showing them to people:

- Project Otaku Powerlevelling Part 11-50. It's continued, but I haven't talked about it. You'll see.

- What Makes An Epic Childhood. (Working title.) A few entries discussing my favorite childhood topic--cartoons.

- Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. A few months out from series end, I discuss what I loved about Sentai '09, my favorite so far.

- SDCC Day Three, Four, and Extra. Self-explanatory.

- Why Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's is one of my favorite anime of all time. Again, self-explanatory.

- Fairy Tail: New Member of the Shonen Hall of Fame.

- Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. Might save this for the second ep's release, but it's one of the biggest anime releases this year. Can't avoid talking about.

Not quite 50 more columns, which definitely means I'm shy the 90+ more I need to reach my goal of 150, but I'll get there. *hopeful*