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Sage Reads Romance Manga Now!

Character Development Level Up! I realize this isn't really going to come as a shock to people unless they've known me longer for longer than a year or so. For those who have...holy crap, right?

I'll explain. For a long LONG time, I wasn't much for romance manga/anime. Okay, actually screw "not much"--I flat out hated them. I relegated the lot of them to being the Japanese equivalent of "chick flicks". And yeah, I'd see guys online talk about how they liked them, but my immediate reaction to this was always something along the lines of, "You know, if you were to read/watch an action series, you could find your balls again. Maybe get your man card back too, while you're at it."

...Admittedly, I still kinda feel that way about guys who only like romance series and don't like action ones. I still love shonen manga. In fact if I'm talking about a series its *far* more likely I'm discussing Bleach rather tha…

2009: The Update

Well. Its been two months without an update. I was actually wondering if I wanted to bother with this for 2009, since I accomplished my goal of updating more than once a week last year with 57 entries (55 or so if you don't count a couple of incidental entries), but I realized some of you just wouldn't know what to do if I closed this down.

So, we're back for another year! (I say we but obviously I mean me since no one ever comments.)

I suppose this first entry should be an update on what's going on in my life.



.................Shit. I really need to get out more. :P (I'm doing emoticons now. Don't like it? Go somewhere else.)

Okay, seriously though, we might as well go through this by month.

I had my birthday, which sucked as I spent most of it trying to convince myself I was still sane. No, I didn't get anything on my wish list, but I wasn't really expecting them, so no big deal.

Christmas almost passed without even being not…